*Spoiler* AJ Styles and Omos retain the Tag Team titles

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*Spoiler* AJ Styles and Omos retain the Tag Team titles

The second part of the PPV starts backstage, where we find the NEW COUPLE CHAMPIONS OF SMACKDOWN GLI USOS celebrating with the UNIVERSAL CHAMPION ROMAN REIGNS! The Tribal Chief says he did the dirty work and wants the two to swear allegiance to the family.

Jimmy and Jey are closer than ever and all three are hugging! And now… RAW couple titles up for grabs! -RAW Tag Team Championship: AJ Styles (c) & Omos (c) Vs Viking Raiders AJ immediately takes over from Omos and little Lukaku already makes a clean sweep!

The match is rebalanced with the entry of Styles, who tries the PHENOMENAL FOREARM ... BUT THE VIKING EXPERIENCE IS SUBJECTED !!! 1 ... 2 ... BUT OMOS THINKS TO SAVE EVERYTHING !!! Lukaku chases Ivor away and… DOUBLE CHOKESLAM ON ERICK !!!

1 ... 2 ... 3 !!! AJ AND OMOS REMAIN CHAMPIONS !!! Backstage we see the interview with DREW MCINTYRE! The Scotsman reminds us how he beat Brock Lesnar last year and says he has an obligation to win the briefcase. Then he tells one of his Scottish stories and oh well…

The Viking Raiders were still at an advantage against AJ Styles

AJ Styles tagged in Omos before the match began at Money In The Bank and the Vikings double-teamed him early but still got taken down.

Styles tagged in and the Raiders tried to isolate him in the ring with Erik dropping Ivar on him. WWE Championship: Bobby Lashley (c) w MVP Vs Kofi Kingston Kofi starts immediately and touches the victory, but shortly after Bobby takes the lead and starts dominating!

Lashley pissed off after the RAW events, destroys Kingston outside the ring, smearing him against the stake twice! The All Mighty returns to the ring and executes 3 TERMINATORS !!! Kofi is now in the world of dreams and ...

HURT LOCK TO SIGN ... AND KOFI GIVES UP !!! BOBBY LASHLEY DOMINATES AND KEEPS THE WWE TITLE !!! The thirteenth seal -RAW Women’s Championship: Rhea Ripley (c) Vs Charlotte Flair After a lousy construction, the two give the audience a great match!

Rhea immediately misses a dive outside the ring, but she reacts almost immediately! The Australian tries some Chops, but Charlotte doesn't seem to feel the blows and sends the champion out of the ring with a Big Boot!

But Ripley gets up and… RIPTIDE TO SIGN… NO… CHARLOTTE'S CRAZY DDT !!! 1 ... 2 ... ONLY 2 !!! ... We are on the ropes and the champion wants to sink the blow… BUT UNDERWAY A CLAMOROUS NATURAL SELECTION !!!

IT'S DONE !!! 1… 2… NOOO !!! RHEA SAVES INCREDIBLY !!! Charlotte tries FIGURE-4 ... BUT RHEA TAKES REFUGE OUTSIDE THE SQUARE !!! Ripley misses an attack and ends up badly against the steps ... CHARLOTTE TAKES IT AND CLOSES IT IN FIGURE-4 ...

RHEA IS INSIDE ... AND GIVES !!! INCREDIBLE !!! CHARLOTTE FLAIR BECOMES CHAMPION FOR THE THIRTEENTH TIME !!! On the images of Charlotte lifting her belt and celebrating with the Texas public, the second part of Money In The Bank ends!