*Spoiler* Update on the WWE star's return at Money in the Bank

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*Spoiler* Update on the WWE star's return at Money in the Bank

The WWE Pay Per View of Money in the Bank, the first show of Vince McMahon's company (after SmackDown) that aired in front of the public, was staged on Sunday, an event that saw several extraordinary surprises. The h*ttest phase of the show certainly culminated in the Main Event, the WWE Universal Championship match between WWE Tribal Chief Roman Reigns and Rated-R Superstar Edge.

The two gave birth to one of the best matches of recent times, there were several interferences, a change of referee and a big surprise in the final. In the end it was Roman Reigns who won in the final thanks to the decisive help of the former partner at the time of Shield Seth Rollins.

The sensational return at Money in the Bank

After the victory Roman Reigns did not even have time to celebrate that he had to deal with a sensational comeback. During Money in the Bank he made his return to none other than John Cena.

The Bostonian wrestler intervened at the end of the match, exalting the audience and sending interesting messages, especially visuals to Roman Reigns. According to reports from Fightful Select John Cena will participate in several consecutive WWE shows and will return tonight to Raw.

Although a challenge with Roman Reigns seems imminent, the leader of the Chain's Gang is a sort of Free Agent and will intervene on both Raw and SmackDown. After the show that aired tonight John Cena sent a message to the WWE Universe and explained that in tonight's edition of Monday Night Raw came more updates on his return with the wrestler who will answer all the questions that the public awaits.

to know. It seems quite evident that in WWE's plans the goal is to carry on a feud of incredible power between the current Tribal Chief of WWE Roman Reigns and the wrestler and now well-known Hollywood actor who should compete in that of SummerSlam.

AJ Styles and Omos were successful in their first pay-per-view defense of the RAW Tag Team Championships at Money in the Bank. The duo showed that they can work cohesively as a unit whilst Omos showed signs of improvement in the ring.

He was part of much more of the action than he has been in recent weeks. Omos was in the ring with three men who had a wealth of experience between them and they were able to make the newcomer look exceptional. The finish of the match was the only time when Omos' WWE inexperience was shown.

Erik ran and jumped for him to deliver his Chokebomb finish, but Omos wasn't able to lift him at the same time.