Roman Reigns sends a message to John Cena

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Roman Reigns sends a message to John Cena

One of the most beautiful ppv of recent months, according to many WWE Universe fans and many insiders, aired tonight from the Dickies Arena in Fort Worth, Texas, where the McMahon-owned company staged l annual edition of the ppv Money in the Bank, an exclusive event that takes its name from the homonymous match with the stairs, which again this year was full of surprises and unexpected moments, for fans and for many professionals.

If in fact two "outsiders" were to win the two suitcases, according to what were forecasts on the eve of the event, with Big E and Nikki ASH who literally left WWE fans amazed, the return to the finale was welcomed by roar even more sensational, when John Cena arrived in the ring after more than a full year of absence.

The leader of the Chain Gang, multiple-time world champion of the federation, in the last calendar year has been busy with several films to shoot, both in terms of cinema and TV, with some series dedicated to him that have brought him up to Canada, making him jump Wrestlemania.

Roman Reigns is possibly the strongest Universal Champion ever. He is an excellent heel. John Cena is arguably the best face WWE has ever had. In order to defeat Reigns, WWE needs a strong face, and John Cena is a perfect choice.

The WWE Universe does not expect Reigns to lose the title anytime soon, but WWE might shock everyone by letting Cena take the win.

Roman Reigns sends a message to John Cena

At the end of Money in the Bank, when Edge was already defeated by the most important contention of pay-per-view, like magic, John Cena reappeared on the WWE scene, going face to face with the Universal champion, Roman Reigns, a clear sign of challenge to the Tribal Chief of Friday Night Smackdown.

Obviously, with a simple gesture, that of the "You can't see me", it was immediately clear to the fans that the next opponent who will go against the heel champion of the blue show will be Cena. With a short but very intense and clear message, Roman Reigns wanted to temporarily dismiss the clamor made by Cena's return, writing: "The only two constants of the WWE Universe.

Everyone comes back. Everyone recognizes me. Nothing is different." With a clear message of challenge, Roman Reigns also warned John Cena about what he will ask shortly. With the ending of their eventual titled contest, which according to the Tribal Chief will end just like all the matches played by Reigns so far, or with a landslide victory.