Naomi has been moved to WWE SmackDown

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Naomi has been moved to WWE SmackDown

Yesterday the second PPV of 2021 ended in front of an audience, Money In The Bank, where the women's MITB Ladder Match opened the evening with an audience that needed to start on the right foot and among the protagonists we had Naomi.

During the evening there was the Usos assault on the couple titles held by the Mysterios and the titled defense of Roman Reigns, of his Universal Championship, which saw him challenge Edge one on one. All this to underline the importance that the Samoan family has at this moment within the Stamford-based company, despite the latest troubles of Jimmy Uso which saw him protagonist of an unpleasant episode that led to his arrest.

This episode particularly shocked Naomi, the wife who preferred to cancel or otherwise deactivate her Twitter account, after receiving tens and hundreds of messages of teasing, threats and derision from some WWE fans. According to Mike Johnson of PWInsider, Naomi has been moved to WWE SmackDown.

She competed in the WWE Women's Money in the Bank ladder match last night and was one of four RAW participants in the match alongside Asuka, Alexa Bliss and Nikki A.S.H.

Naomi was drafted to RAW in October last year

Just Naomi is the protagonist of a breaking news released in the last hours, in fact the athlete from Orlando, according to what reported by Mike Johnson of the PW Insider, has been moved from Monday Night Raw to Friday Night SmackDown.

Despite this news, on the WWE site we still see her inserted, at least by footprint, in the red roster. Naomi had been draped from SmackDown to Raw during the 2020 Draft. Her husband's involvement in what is arguably the company's most important storyline at the moment, coupled with this shift, could be the key to bringing Naomi into the company.

stable of the Samoans, with finally his turn heel. It would be really interesting to see a woman inserted in this context, maybe she too could try to take away the title from Bianca Belair so that the whole family can have gold around her waist.

Naomi was also one of the stars of last night's MITB Ladder Match, but sadly she didn't win the briefcase. In February 2017, Naomi faced off against Alexa Bliss in a match for the SmackDown Women's Championship at Elimination Chamber.

After a grueling and hard-fought match, Naomi was able to pick up the win and win her first Women's Championship. However, Naomi sustained an injury during the match and had to relinquish the WWE SmackDown Women's Championship just days after winning it.