*Spoiler* Keith Lee made his long-awaited return

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*Spoiler* Keith Lee made his long-awaited return

Since the WWE's return on the road, the Stamford-based company has seen fit to include huge returns and huge surprises at every appointment that the federation has planned from now on in Summerslam, so as to keep its fans the hype and interest always high, in view of one of the most important events of the whole year for the federation and for the world of wrestling in general, with the summer Big Four.

If before the company's return on the road it was Edge to make its sensational return and if two nights ago it was John Cena who left the fans in amazement, knocking on the door of the company's Universal Champion, Roman Reigns, tonight on Monday Night Raw several surprises made fans jump from their seats, both in the arena where the red show took place and from home, with fans connected live from all over the world.

Former NXT Champion Keith Lee made his long-awaited return to Monday Night RAW tonight. He answered WWE Champion Bobby Lashley's open challenge on the Red brand to thunderous applause from the fans in attendance. One of the characters who most missed Monday Night Raw's appeal to fans was Keith Lee, former NXT Champion, who at the beginning of the year was scheduled for a title run with the United States champion belt at his hips, eventually gone.

instead to colleague Riddle, who found himself in the right place at the right time.

Keith Lee went on to face Lashley in a non-title match

Apparently, Keith Lee had been ousted from the scene for medical reasons, at first it was thought of as a very probable contagion from covid-19, just like his partner Mia Yim.

Tonight, during the open challenge carried out by Bobby Lashley in view of Summerslam, where the WWE champion wanted to challenge the first athlete who stood in front of him, to appear sensationally by surprise after several months, Keith Lee thought about it, who is however he came out defeated by the contest, taking a sonorous Spear from the champion and thus suffering the decisive pin.

After months of apparently unjustified absence, the mammoth athlete returns to the federation scene, with his fans who could not wait to return to incite the black athlete with the enormous size, but also the enormous agility in the company rings.

It is interesting to note that earlier this year in January, Keith Lee faced Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship on RAW and lost. After the match, Goldberg made his return and challenged then-WWE Champion McIntyre for his title at Royal Rumble.

Many fans pointed out the similarity between that segment and the one that took place tonight on the Red brand.