*Spoiler* Goldberg returned to WWE Raw

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*Spoiler* Goldberg returned to WWE Raw

We had already anticipated it last night, but in the end, the official came as a surprise already in this episode of Monday Night Raw, with a show full of surprises, which left WWE Universe fans literally thrilled by the myriad of news, returns, title changes and debuts arrived in just three hours.

If there was a title change for the 24/7 title and a debut from NXT, the two returns that took place in the three-hour show on USA Network, with the first one that saw Keith Lee return for challenge none other than WWE Champion Bobby Lashley, who had challenged anyone who wanted him to a titled open challenge and to which the returning former NXT Champion responded.

The surprises did not end there, however, since a character who had been missing from the scenes for some time, after losing the last fight against Drew McIntyre in that of the Royal Rumble, arrived to challenge the WWE Champion.

In fact, we are talking about Bill Goldberg. Immediately after the end of the match between Lashley and Keith Lee on Raw, with the WWE champion who once again managed to keep the federation world champion belt firmly at his hips, it was that WWE Hall of Famer who had been rumored for weeks as his possible challenger for the summer Big Four.

Goldberg returned to WWE Raw

If the clue written by Lashley had not left any doubts for the fans of the WWE Universe, tonight the official confirmation arrived, with the face to face between the two massive athletes of the company that then sanctioned the challenge of Da Man for the title at Summerslam, with Bobby Lashley obviously not holding back.

After the challenge started by John Cena at the address of Roman Reigns, here comes the other heavy challenge for Summerslam, with the summer Big Four card that becomes more and more important and more and more charged, as expected from the eve of the construction of the event.

Goldberg's win percentage is 68.09 and it surely comes as a surprise as he has mostly been presented as an unstoppable force on WWE TV. Goldberg's first WWE run saw him become World Champion by defeating Triple H at Unforgiven 2003.

He went on to lose the belt back to The Cerebral Assassin at Armageddon in a Triple Threat match that also involved Kane. Goldberg put Brock Lesnar down in his final match at WrestleMania XX before both men departed the company.