Santino Marella's daughter explains how she reacted to her father's tweet

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Santino Marella's daughter explains how she reacted to her father's tweet

Earlier this year, Santino Marella used his official Twitter account to introduce his daughter Bianca to the wrestling world. The former WWE superstar directly tagged Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, revealing that Carelli has all it takes to become a pro star.

During a recent interview with Riju Dasgupta for Sportskeeda, Bianca was asked herself if her father's tweet had any effect in recent months. She had previously auditioned with WWE a few years ago, but she was told to gain a little more experience before attempting the big leap.

Bianca Carelli on his father Santino

“I don't know the meaning of the word pressure because I've always been wearing a lot of it, ever since I was very little. Since that tweet from my father, I have certainly noticed more attention towards me.

People recognize me more and more, they understand that Santino Marella has a daughter, the fans are starting to identify me and everything else. My skills as a wrestler are also more in evidence now. However, I still need a lot of training to reach the level I want.

I haven't played a lot of fights so far, I'd like to learn as much as possible in the ring, to become a near-perfect superstar. There is a bit of pressure on my shoulders, but that's okay, I can't complain" - explained Bianca.

“When I did my first audition with WWE in 2019, I was told to keep working and gaining experience. Unfortunately, the Coronavirus has upset the whole world, has also led to the cancellation of many of the projects I had in mind.

It's a shame everything that's happened in the last year and a half, so I had to find other ways to improve. I studied my past matches, I remained in excellent shape and I came up with ideas to refresh my character” - added Carelli, who does not seem to lack the right dedication.

Carelli was 10 years old when the following incident occurred. Marella was training over in OVW and was practicing promos when his daughter visited him. Here's what happened, as Carelli recalled while speaking with Sportskeeda Wrestling: "Yeah, I guess I was 10 years old.

My dad was at OVW where he was training with Rip Rogers. So I went to go visit him. Watching the practices, how they were training... we did some fun stuff too, we went to Six Flags. So, one day, the class, they were doing promos.

And my dad asked me later at the end of the class, 'Bianca, do you wanna do one?' I said, 'really, me?' 'yeah, c'mon do one!'"