*Spoiler* Sheamus has a new opponent

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*Spoiler* Sheamus has a new opponent

Natalya & Tamina vs Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax Wow it seems like a century to me since the last time I saw the former couple champions on screen. Obviously, however, between the boxes, we have Reginald again who tries to make Nia and Shayna win the match, but without success, in fact, once again it makes a mess and Tamina manages to pin Shayna Baszler who gets angry and when it seems that Nia is on the side of the man, throws him an angry head before walking away.

Reginald is left alone in the ring when Akira Tozawa arrives with the 24/7 title and of course, Reginald backs him by winning. Sheamus vs Carrillo (USA Championship match) The match begins with Carrillo immediately throwing himself on the champion, while Damian Priest assists backstage.

They both struggle with a few tricks up their sleeves when it comes to impropriety, but in the end, it is the champion who holds the title after a Brogue Kick and a count of three to find out who wins. To help him was also his mask that hit Humberto's face with a head.

Damian Priest vs Sheamus is a good direction to go in on RAW

Sheamus seemingly put his on-and-off feud with Humberto Carrillo to rest on RAW. He went and met Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce, who told him that he would have to allow Humberto Carrillo to "earn" a title shot at the very least.

All Mighty Open Challenge Bobby Lashley says he's finished speaking, as if to say he just wants facts now and then leaves the microphone to MPV who provokes the audience, before talking about what happened with Kofi Kingston and adding that no one will take the title off his client.

, then launching the open challenge and at that point, music starts and KEITH LEE returns !!! This is a real battle between giants working hard throughout the match, with MVP pissing off the fans, Keith Lee and the referee while he is at ringside.

The champion gives up when it is impossible to apply Hurt Lock on his overly massive opponent and opts for a classic Spear followed by a count of three, keeping the title. While he is celebrating though… GOLDBERG GOLDBERG GOLDBERG!

Bobby Lashley squads him as disgusted as at least 90% of WWE fans as Goldberg laughs in his face and yells, "I'M NEXT" Backstage then Bobby and MVP are stopped who define Goldberg's intervention as a lack of respect.

Happy birthday Mahal Jinder Mahal lets us know that it's his birthday and nobody gives a damn, before showing us what happened with Drew in the last few weeks, even making fun of him. Shabby the theater with the Happy Birthday song sung by Shanky, he will haunt me in my sleep forever.

Fortunately, to interrupt everything, Drew intervenes with a chair, surprisingly supported by the audience who counts the blows of the chair on one of Mahal's henchmen. 20!!!