*Spoiler* Disappointing debut for Karrion Kross

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*Spoiler* Disappointing debut for Karrion Kross

Karrion Kross vs Jeff Hardy - Time's up Halfway through the episode we had been announced the debut of the NXT champion and now we are shown a video before his entry which is quite silent, it will be that Scarlett Bordeaux is clearly missed.

And then ... NO MORE WORDS EXPLODES IN THE ARENA AND JEFF HARDY ENTERS! What a legend, what a fighter, what an icon! And it also brings home the victory (a bit incorrect) !!!!! Right after the match Kross is interviewed in the ring and says Jeff Hardy just made the biggest mistake of his life because eventually everyone will fall and pray and then walk away mad at the virtually mute audience.

Alexa's Playground The wrestler says she has a special guest tonight and welcomes back to Lilly, who was in detention but has now promised to behave.

Disappointing debut for Karrion Kross

This has to be some sort of joke or rib.

How do you take a talented guy like Karrion Kross, separate him from Scarlett, and ruin all of his NXT momentum by having him pinned in his RAW debut? Eva Marie and Doudrop arrive to interrupt her, but Alexa tries to ignore her and then warns her not to speak ill of Lilly and Eva tells her that maybe she will have Doudrop throw Lilly in the garbage.

Alexa tells her she doesn't want to put Lilly on pause, so she tries to pause Doudrop to figure out what Eva can do on her own and the fuchsia haired woman doesn't take it well, but apparently, Lilly finds a way to make her feel good.

shut up and ... terrify her. Eva Marie falls like a pear. And to think that she has also made films. With this feud, I think many of you will reevaluate Lilly's story. Ps: I told her that she would be back with the live audience.

Small warning: next week the Viking Raiders will again challenge AJ Styles and Omos for the titles. Charlotte Flair vs Rhea Ripley Rhea dominates for the first part of the match, but when Charlotte recovers she attacks her angry leg.

Despite the problem in her leg, however, Rhea tries to react and also applies a Figure 4, but the queen overturns her move before raging on her. Eventually, Charlotte opts to take the belt and get out of the match, but Rhea runs after her and so the referee calls for Rhea's victory by disqualification, with Charlotte retaining.

But the former champion is not there and attacks her and after a Riptide throws her back into the ring and at that point enters ... NIKKI A.S.H., COLLECTED, LAPS ON THE POLE AND AFTER A CROSSBODY IS 1! 2! 3! NIKKI A.S.H. IS THE NEW RAW CHAMPION. Scottish congratulations.