*Spoiler* Charlotte Flair had a coronation ceremony

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*Spoiler* Charlotte Flair had a coronation ceremony

The episode opens with John Cena giving a beautiful speech to the WWE Universe saying that what got him back to WWE was the audience and Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Champion at Summerslam and doing all this not for the record or other, but because Roman Reigns is an idiot (I sweetened him a bit).

Then he adds that he will be at SmackDown on Friday before kicking off the evening and at that Riddle enters the scene and together they make a series of "Bro" that frankly make a little laugh like that, de bang, nonsense.

AJ Styles, Omos & John Morrison vs Viking Raiders & Matt Riddle After a break then we return with the Viking Raiders and the two couple champions inside the ring, while John Morrison makes his entrance with The Miz, calling himself "American Moist Wanted" accompanied by one of those really ugly new WWE Shop t-shirts with the drawn water pump and the inscription.

Great job during the Viking Raiders matches that once again proves to be one of the best tag teams around. Charlotte Flair had a coronation ceremony on RAW. While The Queen was called a 14-time Champion on Sunday, it was cut down to 11.

WWE doesn't count her two NXT Women's title wins as a part of it, while her reign as the Tag Team Champion naturally doesn't add to her singles tally.

Charlotte Flair had a coronation ceremony on RAW

At one point Riddle takes one of Miz's water pistols and sprays Omos behind his back who he believes was the man in the wheelchair and starts chasing him with AJ Styles trying to stop him leaving only Morrison in the ring who is pinned by the Viking Raiders.

Jaxson Ryker vs Elias (Symphony Of Destruction Match) Backstage we are shown Jaxson Ryker doing a short promo telling the audience that he will show us what he will do to Elias on Monday. And we all thought that this silly feud was over Obviously then we find ourselves with the guitarist/singer in the center of the ring with his guitar: WWE IS ABOUT… WALK WITH ELIAS!

But Ryker interrupts him on the big screen threatening him before making his entrance for a Symphony Of Destruction and no, unfortunately for us, it is not the beautiful Megadeth song, but a match. Fairly meaningless match with the uninterested audience.

Ryker takes it home with a Superplex on two tables joined together, after a count of three. Going Backstage we find Sonya and Adam pairing Mansoor and Ali for next week. Then Sheamus also enters who complains of having to challenge Carrillo for the title.

Charlotte Flair's Championship Coronation #ANDNEW The time has come to celebrate the new Raw Female Champion CHAAAARLOTTEEEEE FLAAAAIR who gets in the ring taking some whistles and some applause saying that all this is beautiful and then obviously calls herself "The Opportunity" talking about how much Rhea copied her in this feud.

Then the "Becky" chorus starts and the queen replies "Yes Becky is home breastfeeding while I am dominating the entire women's division" and reminds us that she is the only 11-time female champion in WWE history (yes in the main roster never count NXT and they didn't even count the couple title) and that can beat Rhea at any time.

While she is speaking, however, she is interrupted by Rhea Ripley who goes into the ring telling her that at this point they should challenge each other tonight, but the queen declines the invitation but is interrupted by Sonya and Adam who make a rematch for the title official and Charlotte wastes no time.

kicking Rhea's leg before stepping out of the ring. The challenge will be in the main event and here I start in a cold sweat.