Notes on Daniel Bryan’s WWE Future

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Notes on Daniel Bryan’s WWE Future

Daniel Bryan is or was a former WWE Superstar. He was at one time the face of WWE and he beat a number of popular superstars between 2010-2020. Daniel Bryan is a former WWE Champion and has won numerous other titles during his time in WWE.

He is also a former WWE Tag Team Champion with WWE Hall of Famer, Kane when they were part of a team called Hell No. There is a possibility that we may not ever see Daniel Bryan perform inside a WWE ring. Daniel already had to retire once after suffering concussions.

His first retirement was back in 2015. He announced that he was forced to retire after suffering multiple concussions. However, he returned to WWE as the Smackdown General Manager, a role which he kept until 2018. He made his in-ring return in 2018 and also had a brand new look.

In 2018, some independent neurosurgeons and concussion experts cleared him.

Notes on Daniel Bryan’s WWE Future

According to some reports, however, Daniel had to wrestle very carefully to make sure that he never suffers a concussion again.

In recent interviews, he has stated that he does not wish to continue a full-time WWE schedule. PWInsider reported that Daniel was not part of the internal roster now. Moreover, Daniel was also not part of WWE’s plans for licensing and merchandising for 2021-2022.

It has also been reported that he is not going to be part of any new Mattel action figures. Daniel’s name was dropped recently, which caused some fans to believe that he will return. However, his name was simply dropped to build up the Money in the Bank match between Edge and Roman Reigns.

Daniel had a few memorable matches with and alongside Roman Reigns in the past, who currently holds the WWE Universal Title. Daniel’s future has been uncertain ever since he lost to Roman Reigns on the 30th of April.

It was a Career vs Title match. Although many people thought that he would show up on another brand, he never actually did. Even though Daniel Bryan has indicated that he wishes to remain with the WWE in some capacity, he never did and there are no reports about how WWE would use him. Some people believe that he might end up signing with All Elite Wrestling.