Why is Charlotte Flair's reign in WWE already over?

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Why is Charlotte Flair's reign in WWE already over?

During the last 48 hours, in the rings of McMahon's company, WWE, there have been really all kinds of things. With Money in the Bank and Monday Night Raw, WWE has put so much meat in the fire and so many surprises it has sent out, that WWE Universe fans were literally shocked by just two events that finally aired in front of an audience packed with live fans.

On Sunday evening, among the many surprises that came to make the fans cheer live, Charlotte Flair took care of it, who went on to win her umpteenth title of female champion, beating Rhea Ripley, thanks to her Figure 8, after having made it impact several times against the support post of the federation ring.

All this then led to a lightning-fast rematch on Monday Night Raw, which arrived just tonight, where the Nature Boy's daughter found a shortcut to keep her title, getting disqualified, but thus deserving the post-match attack of his opponent.

As if that were not enough, Nikki ASH has intervened in the situation, going to cash in the briefcase won just 24 hours before and graduating as the new Raw champion, putting an end after only a day just at the reign of Charlotte Flair.

Charlotte Flair’s number of titles has been hotly disputed over the years

Apparently, according to what Dave Meltzer hypothesized in his usual daily newsletter to the Wrestling Observer microphones, there would be a very specific reason if the reign of the beautiful WWE Queen lasted so short and he was the one to explain it, saying: "I told you why she won it, she has to win it six more times.

Then they will make them reign for a day to get to 17." According to reports from the well-known Observer journalist, then, WWE is thinking of destroying the record of titled kingdoms of their father, Ric Flair, (stopped at 16), from her daughter Charlotte Flair, with Queen's reign numbers rising significantly in recent years, despite WWE not counting NXT's.

During an in-ring promo on RAW, Flair bragged about her accolades in WWE. Interestingly, she only referred to herself as an 11-time Women’s Champion despite previously claiming to be a 13-time Women’s Champion. Flair mentioned in her promo that she is a five-time RAW Women’s Champion, five-time SmackDown Women’s Champion, and one-time Divas Champion.

The 35-year-old is also a two-time NXT Women’s Champion. However, she did not reference her NXT success during the promo, which presumably means NXT title reigns no longer count in World Championship record tallies.