The Undertaker was backstage a few days ago

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The Undertaker was backstage a few days ago

WWE has now completed its return to the road, staging three very important events in front of a live audience, starting with the last episode of Friday Night Smackdown, then moving on to the Money in the Bank ppv and ending at the moment.

with the latest episode of Monday Night Raw. In all three of these events, the federation wanted to stage many surprises, with great returns, great debuts and great victories that really left all the WWE Universe fans in suspense, who attended the shows in person, but also those connected.

from home. Among the many surprises that came about, we saw the return of John Cena, that of Keith Lee and even the return to the scene of the WWE Hall of Famer Bill Goldberg, who went directly face to face with Bobby Lashley, challenging him for a titled match.

If all this were not enough, Monday Night Raw then closed with the lightning-fast collection of Nikki ASH, who raged to become just 24 hours after the victory of the Money in the Bank Ladder match, also the champion of the red roster, beating Charlotte Flair in her eleventh reign as a champion.

The Undertaker is considered to be among the greatest professional wrestlers of all time and the greatest character in WWE history. While "The Undertaker" character was created by Vince McMahon, he needed the perfect fit for the role.

The Undertaker retired from WWE in Survivor Series 2020

Apparently, among the many surprises present on Monday Night Raw, there was another that the fans did not see, neither those present live at the event nor those connected from home.

In the backstage of Raw, at a certain point The Undertaker also appeared, an athlete now retired in the edition of the Survivor Series last year and who apparently intervened probably only to greet his colleagues, since he lives a short distance from the arena from which the episode of Raw aired.

As reported by PW Insider, in fact: "The Undertaker was spotted backstage on last night's edition of Monday Night Raw." The general thought is that Undertaker was present only because the episode took place in Dallas, Texas, the Deadman's home, but obviously, nothing is ever certain in WWE, given that any new plans for him could have been discussed with the Company chairman, Vince McMahon, here.

Remembering that the next edition of Wrestlemania will air from the very same city, we remain to see if the name of The Undertaker could also be one of the surprises that WWE has in mind for its fans for SummerSlam. When WWE announced that Goldberg vs The Undertaker would take place at Super ShowDown 2019 in Saudi Arabia, there was a mixed reaction.

Given the caliber of the two legends, interest was always going to be there. But those who saw both men working in the ring in recent years knew that it wasn't going to deliver as some had expected. For one, Goldberg was 52 while The Undertaker was 54. Fans had seen The Undertaker, in particular, have a steep decline in terms of his in-ring performance.