Rhea Ripley is now currently seen as a babyface in WWE

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Rhea Ripley is now currently seen as a babyface in WWE

Two of the absolute protagonists of the women's division in recent months, especially on the side of WWE's Monday Night Raw, are undoubtedly Charlotte Flair and Rhea Ripley, both recently buggered by the new champion Nikki ASH, who has defeated them several times in some matches that seemed discounted for them.

The feud between the two has been going on since before Wrestlemania, an event in which Rhea Ripley took part in Charlotte's place and in which she managed to snatch the absolute title of the red roster, from the hands of the Japanese Asuka, then ringing a series of victories against the daughter of Nature Boy not indifferent, but then was stopped on Sunday at Money in the Bank.

In the feud that now seems to have turned into a three-way fight, with the new champion Nikki who snatched the title after only one day from Charlotte Flair, the new attitude that WWE would have attached to Rhea Ripley also emerges, in the general silence.

Latest update on Rhea Ripley

Apparently, despite Rhea Ripley making her debut on the WWE main roster just a few months ago as a heel, the federation management would now have decided to drastically change the attitude of the girl's character, making her jump once again on the boat of "good athletes", without particular events.

As reported by PW Insider colleagues, in fact: Moving on, Rhea Ripley is now considered a babyface. This has happened in the general silence in the last few weeks but we have been told that the internal direction is clearly taken and this will also be for the future, she is now 100% a babyface.

Ripley was initially presented as a heel. "After working as a face for NXT for years, WWE moved its former yellow roster champion to the main roster, turning her into a heel instead, only to think again. making her go back to babyface.

On the other hand, faced with a character hated by nature like that of Charlotte Flair, a perfect heel like her father, the WWE had very few choices to be able to take in front of itself. In an interview earlier this year, Rhea Ripley stated that she wants her character to be "nasty" and feels comfortable doing that in WWE.

"I feel more comfortable going out and kicking butt. So, pretty much being the nasty part of myself. I feel a lot more comfortable doing that. Whether people like me or hate me. For some reason, when I was doing the same thing in NXT UK, people loved me, so I was trying to be the bad guy as much as possible. But people still loved me for some reason and that is why I ended up turning face," said Ripley.