What are WWE's plans for Bobby Lashley's future?

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What are WWE's plans for Bobby Lashley's future?

One of the most dominant fighters of recent months, both on Monday Night Raw and in the entire main roster of the Stamford-based company, was undoubtedly the current WWE Champion in charge, Bobby Lashley, who after leaving the Hurt Business and apparently also his manager MVP, however, continued the unbeaten streak (at least as regards the titled matches), from the beginning of the year to now.

Lashley, now second only to Roman Reigns as regards the important occasions in which he kept the absolute title at his side, in this truly stellar 2021 for him, seems to have quickly filed the New Day chapter and the Kofi Kingston chapter, after the clear win of Money in the Bank.

The former WWE Champion had in fact managed to get a title shot back after a long time, but he failed to finalize in the last WWE ppv tonight. But who will go to the title chase on Monday Night Raw now?

Backstage news on Bobby Lashley

Apparently, in the last few weeks and in particular in the last days, there was much talk of the fact that with the return on the road of the company, even several prominent faces of the company could return to fight, such as John Cena, who appeared for the first time in over a year, tonight, at Money in the Bank or the names of various Bill Goldberg, Brock Lesnar or The Rock.

Apparently, even with regard to the WWE Hall of Famer there's said to be ever greater certainties regarding an imminent return and the latest clue comes from the reigning champion of Raw, Bobby Lashley. "UNTOUCCABLE !!

WHO'S NEXT?" As you know very well, Bill Goldberg's most famous catchphrase is the one written in the last tweet by Bobby Lashley, with fans of the WWE Universe who are now sure. The next opponent for the All Mighty title will be Da Man.

Now only the official WWE is missing or a surprise return in the next episodes of the red show. We'll see if this is really the federation's plan for the next few weeks. The latest backstage reports have offered insight into why WWE has decided on Goldberg as Lashley's next challenger.

Wrestling Observer's Andrew Zarian took to his personal Twitter account to share a few interesting anecdotes from his recent conversation with WWE personnel. According to him, WWE "needs" casual fans. The promotion seems convinced that Goldberg continues to be a "big draw," and most fans look forward to seeing him in action.