Bobby Lashley Denies Goldberg on Social Media

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Bobby Lashley Denies Goldberg on Social Media

Bobby Lashley is the current WWE Champion and he recently denied Bill Goldberg’s challenge on social media. Bobby is a former amateur wrestler and professional MMA fighter. He is one of the most legitimate fighters that WWE has right now.

Bobby and Goldberg have never fought each other before. During his first run in WWE, Goldberg never even crossed paths with Bobby Lashley. Bobby’s current WWE run is the best of his career. However, he has not faced a star as big as Goldberg during his run.

That being said, most WWE fans wished to see Brock Lesnar vs Bobby Lashley, a match that WWE has so far taken no interest in making.

Bobby Lashley Refuses to Fight Goldberg on Social Media

Goldberg made his WWE return this week on RAW.

He came out to the ring after Bobby Lashley successfully defended his title against Keith Lee as part of the open challenges that he is making these days. Goldberg simply came to the ring and shouted, “I’m next”.

We know for certain that such a high profile match will not take place on RAW. If it happens, it will most likely take place at WWE SummerSlam. Bobby Lashley later denied Goldberg’s challenge on social media: “You don’t belong in the same world as me, let alone the same ring.

Get that close again, @The305MVP won’t be able to hold me back. No thanks, old man. #WWERaw @WWE,” Lashley wrote. Goldberg still has a huge number of fans, even though his match with The Undertaker nearly two years ago at the WWE Crown Jewel event dented his reputation.

He basically botched a number of moves during that match and many people believed that Goldberg should never enter a wrestling ring again after that match. Goldberg has also been criticized for not having variety and using only two moves during most of his matches.

Goldberg last performed against the talented Drew McIntyre. Drew was at that time the WWE champion. Many people thought that Goldberg would win the title as he always has in previous matches. That time, however, Goldberg failed to win the title and that was probably Drew’s biggest win of his career.

Bobby Lashley probably denied Goldberg simply because he believes that Golberg is not actually a real wrestler as he is. Goldberg definitely is not technical as sound as Bobby is and Goldberg is also old now, so he cannot perform most of his moves that he could back in 2003.