How long will The Miz still be out of action?

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How long will The Miz still be out of action?

In recent weeks, one of the mid/upper-carding characters of Monday Night Raw who has always taken part in all the episodes of the red show, but also in the PPVs of the company, despite being totally KO at the moment due to a serious leg injury, is the former WWE Champion The Miz, who allegedly suffered a tear in the ligaments of a knee and for this, he risked being ousted from the WWE plans for several months, up to a maximum of 9 months total.

Apparently, the ligament laceration was not total and as such, he didn't need surgery to repair it although the rehabilitation of the leg is still long and painful, with John Morrison's partner who at the moment is dedicated only to accompanying the 'friend at ringside, going to annoy the opponents of "Johnny Drip-Drip" with his water toys, but being burned more than once by the thing.

Backstage news on The Miz

According to what was revealed by the former WWE world champion himself, The Miz, in his last interview with the microphones of El Bunch de WWE, physiotherapy's still long and the athlete doesn't have a roadmap, on which to rely to give a certain return date to fans.

Regarding this argument, Miz in fact stated: "I don't know (when I'll be back). At the moment, I'm doing physical rehabilitation, I'm working to get back to 100% with my knee. I don't want to find myself in a match where I'm worried about my knee, where I have to constantly think about my injury.

If I can do this, if I can move like this, I don't want all of this because I would be too busy worrying about what to do and what not and I also don't want to injure any other part of my body, or potentially injure any other Superstar, so I will continue.

to wait, until I am 100% sure that I will feel fine and that the doctors will tell me that I am fine when it is time to return. Is there a timetable? No. I don't know, I really don't know." Unfortunately, while the zombies were the main focus of the match, The Miz suffered the first-ever serious injury in his WWE career.

Reports emerged claiming that he had suffered a potentially serious ACL injury. An ACL injury is a tear or sprain of the anterior cruciate ligament. The ligament connects the thigh bone to the shin bone and is crucial, but injuries to the ACL is common in sports, as it can occur with sudden stops, changes in direction, or landing wrongly after a jump. The injury is common in WWE Superstars and quite a few have missed time in the ring thanks to it.