Vince Russo destroys a recent Raw segment

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Vince Russo destroys a recent Raw segment

For once, the rumors on the eve proved to be spot on. The last episode of Monday Night Raw was in fact full of twists when the highly anticipated SummerSlam pay-per-view is about a month away. The return of two authentic legends such as John Cena and Goldberg was the main driver.

The latter respected the forecast by stepping into the ring to challenge Bobby Lashley, with the MVP preventing the situation from escalating into a fistfight by sending 'The All Mighty' away from the ring. During the last edition of 'Legion of RAW', which aired on Sportskeeda like every week, former WWE and WCW writer Vince Russo explained how that corner lacked the necessary realism.

The reason is linked precisely to the intervention of MVP, who - despite being physically much inferior to Lashley and Goldberg - almost miraculously managed to keep them apart.

Vince Russo destroys a recent Raw segment

“I don't always want to play the part of the supercritical one, but you can't pass over a segment like that.

It's huge nonsense that MVP can separate those two giants by leveraging their physique. Is it possible that no one backstage has reflected on this aspect? A guy of MVP stature would never stop Goldberg and Bobby Lashley from getting to the fight,” analyzed Vince Russo.

According to the latter, WWE has hired Edge to take Goldberg's place as a part-timer. "When Bill will no longer be able to enter the ring due to his age, his place will be taken by Edge. They hoped they could count on John Cena, but by now he has become a movie star.

Plus, he doesn't need to make appearances for money. Not even Batista will be Goldberg's successor. The only name that comes to mind is Edge" The Canadian champion has recently started a storyline with Seth Rollins, which is likely to go on for quite some time.

The only unknown factor is linked to the physical condition of Edge, often a victim of injuries in recent years. We've all heard stories about Vince McMahon tearing up the script for WWE Raw hours before the show goes on the air.

Vince Russo says it didn't use to be that way. "By Friday morning, that show's done," Vince Russo stated. "Bro, You know we you know we're doing on Friday? This was our Friday. We're contacting talent, 'Rock, I'm sending you the show.

This is what you're doing. Austin, this is what you're doing.' We're contacting talent on Friday already telling them what they're doing on Monday. Now think about this, bro. Now Austin has that script on Friday.

Now he's on the plane. He's looking at this; he's thinking about it...think about that, bro. You're giving them like two, three days for that script to sink in."