The Rock is reportedly set to return to WWE for...

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The Rock is reportedly set to return to WWE for...

News about The Rock, now that Goldberg and John Cena are back in WWE, is now on the agenda with the WWE Universe increasingly eager to know something. The last time we talked about The Rock was when we brought you some plans that would see him star in a somewhat special match at Wrestlemania 38.

In fact, as reported by the good Dave Meltzer of the well-known Wrestling Observer, the idea would be to make The Rock and Roman Reigns compete in opposite tag teams, precisely with the most important stage in the wrestling world to frame the challenge, in Dallas.

Specifically, the two would fight with a twin at their side Use for one. But by now movie star Dwayne Douglas Johnson may well return sooner than expected to the WWE ring making many people happy.

The Rock is reportedly set to return to WWE for...

In June, the WrestlingNews colleagues had given a possible clue to his return by focusing the attention of the WWE Universe on the Survivor Series 2021.

This pay-per-view in fact will coincide with the anniversary for the 25 years since the debut of The Rock with the company. But now we have even more news and perhaps confirmations, because in fact Andrew Zarian, during the Mat Men Pro Wrestling podcast, threw a real bomb: "You have a great show in a big building and you are trying to tell it.

I mean who better of the 'most electrifying man in sports-entertainment. […] Dwayne The Rock' is expected for Survivor Series. I'm sure that's the plan." This is news that questions the fact that The Rock may be returning directly next year for Wrestlemania.

Maybe it will return in 2021 and then up to Wrestlemania, there will be a beautiful construction with Roman Reigns. WWE Survivor Series 2021 will be a monumental occasion for the most electrifying man in all of pro wrestling.

It will mark The Rock's 25th anniversary since his debut and WWE could very well build the show around him, similar to how they did with The Undertaker in 2015. There are rumors that WWE is also planning to have him wrestle in some capacity at Survivor Series.

Andrew Zarian stated that he hasn't heard of any such plans. In a recent tweet, he wrote that he doesn't expect The Rock to wrestle at the pay-per-view.