Finn Balor names the two wrestlers he would like as...

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Finn Balor names the two wrestlers he would like as...

In the latest episode of Friday Night Smackdown, WWE wanted to leave its fans in awe, when it first brought former NXT Champion Finn Balor to the main roster and beyond for the first time in over a year on those of the yellow brand on Tuesday night on USA Network.

After a long period spent back in the ranks of the McMahon yellow roster fighters, Finn Balor has thus taken the reverse path, returning to perform in the rings on Friday night and attacking the former Intercontinental Champion, Sami Zayn, who had once again rushed to the Smackdown ring to shout at the scandal made by WWE and fans against him, with everyone who would have devised a plan to ruin his life.

Finn Balor is also a two-time NXT Champion

Although his stint in WWE has always been single, in recent days it seems that Finn Balor could also open a new team in the rings of the Stamford company, also going to appoint two important colleagues, with whom Finn could soon open a twinning.

Interviewed on this topic by the microphones of WWE The Bump, the first Universal Champion in the history of the company said: "It's something I've honestly never thought about once. Of course, if Joe were to become available again, obviously, he would be my dream partner for me.

We have a long friendship and a long rivalry in the ring. You know, one of my biggest friends at Smackdown is Kevin Owens. So, if he ever needed a tag team partner, I would definitely be by his side." Apparently, just a few days after his return to the main roster, Finn Balor's said to have clear ideas on who to involve in a possible storyline.

of the WWE if the management made him choose a new tag team partner, with the two names pulled out by Balor being absolutely seeded names very important, with whom the fans would surely want to see him work together. On this week’s WWE SmackDown, Sami Zayn demanded that the Money in the Bank briefcase be lowered and given to him.

Finn Balor’s music then hit and the former Universal Champion made his long-awaited return to the main roster. Asked on Talking Smack if he had a message for fans, Balor dropped another hint about what could be in store for him.

“Obviously I’m eternally grateful for the fan support throughout the pandemic,” Balor added. “But my message? Buckle your seatbelts, we’re going for a ride”.