Bray Wyatt absent from WWE rings for medical reasons

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Bray Wyatt absent from WWE rings for medical reasons

In recent months, several of the top Superstars of the McMahon company have been absent for the most varied reasons, from Becky Lynch who has now been out for over a year for her first pregnancy, to John Cena, who has sensationally reappeared at Money in the Bank, after more than a year of absence for him too, however, due to the recordings of various film engagements and TV series in which he recently took part.

One of the prominent names who instead voluntarily moved away in the very last period is that of Bray Wyatt, former leader of the homonymous stable formed by the bearded WWE wrestlers, who's said to have been kept at home for the psychological problems encountered after the death of his close friend Luke Harper, who fought under the name of Brodie Lee in the AEW ring at the time of his passing.

Apparently, the difficult time for Wyatt is not over yet, with WWE now also moving Wyatt's absence internally for specific reasons within its roster.

Bray Wyatt has been away from WWE television for over three months now

If doubts had arisen in recent weeks regarding Bray Wyatt's continued absence from the Monday Night Raw rings, now WWE would have included the wrestler in the list of athletes unavailable for "medical" reasons Which does not necessarily mean that Bray Wyatt was injured, but it could mean that due to the psychological and therefore also physical situation of the wrestler, the former Universal Champion will continue to stay at home, until he has resolved his problems that do not make him work and live well and in serenity his commitment in the McMahon rings for the moment.

At the moment the Fiend is still advertised for August 9, in the episode of Monday Night Raw in which the WWE had already inserted it several weeks ago, but at the moment it is not known if this advertisement will eventually be removed or if Wyatt is really ready to come back and will do so by surprise in the next episodes of the red show.

All we have to do is wait and hope that Wyatt has solved all his problems too and can go and resume the storyline with Alexa Bliss, so where they left off the two at Wrestlemania 37. According to the latest report by Mike Johnson of PWInsider, there is still no timetable for Bray Wyatt's return to WWE programming.

The report added that sources within WWE have remained quiet about Wyatt's circumstances beyond the idea that he's being held off TV for a specific reason. "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt last wrestled at WrestleMania 37 earlier this year where he faced Randy Orton.