Big E is reportedly a favorite of Vince McMahon

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Big E is reportedly a favorite of Vince McMahon

One of the most sensational surprises to come since WWE was back on the road and seen on the federation rings at Money in the Bank was certainly the victory of the eponymous match with the stairs of Big E, which graduated so new.

Mr Money in the Bank, going to beat the competition of important opponents such as Seth Rollins or Drew McIntyre, both favorites of the contest on the eve of the event. If her female counterpart, Nikki ASH, has already successfully banked her titled chance against Charlotte Flair in the latest episode of Monday Night Raw which aired just 24 hours after the PPV, it is still unknown how long it will take for Big E, to go and cash in his briefcase, with the WWE that could wait weeks or months or even start the box already tonight.

When Big E was split from Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods in the WWE Draft 2020, it was evident that Vince McMahon had bigger plans for The New Day's powerhouse.

Vince McMahon is a big fan of Big E

As it turns out, the Stamford-based federation has some really "exciting" plans for the case for the only New Day member left at Smackdown, with executives likely to wait a little longer for his character to be built, before launching it in the main event of the blue show.

As reported by Andrew Zarian, in the Met Man Pro Wrestling Podcast, in fact: "Big E is the right guy to win this thing. I've been told of plans for him, but I don't want to tell all I know, because plans change, man.

I hope they go for it anyway. I think this will be the perfect time for him. I think the moment will come with this sensational collection, created especially for him." At the moment, both the world champions of Raw and Smackdown seem to be busy for the arrival of Summerslam, with Goldberg on one side and John Cena on the other who will go to impesierare and not a little Bobby Lashley and Roman Reigns, intent on defending their respective mondiae champion belts in the summer Big Four.

Who knows how long WWE will wait to stage the Big E revenue segment and above all for which title the former NXT Champion will contend with the possibility of him? According to, Big E is reportedly a favorite of Vince McMahon: was told that Big E is one of McMahon’s favorite people and “he will always find something for him to do,” according to a source in the company.

This is a sign that a big future lies ahead for Big E. Paul Heyman told him on Talking Smack before the end of 2020 that ten years from now, his accomplishments will ultimately overshadow his work with The New Day.