Braun Strowman could be set to be rehired

Braun Strowman was released from WWE earlier this year

by Simone Brugnoli
Braun Strowman could be set to be rehired

One of the many released by the WWE of this very hard two-year period, formed by over a year of world pandemic that has literally cut the legs and breath of the Stamford-based company, like those of all the world pro-wrestling companies in the world, responds to the name of Braun Strowman, former WWE world champion, who was truncated from the federation roster overnight.

After having had a great stint starting from the 36th edition of Wrestlemania, in which he went to beat none other than Goldberg, at the time Universal Champion of Smackdown, Strowman had slowly come out of the titled round of the blue roster and then also from that of Monday Night Raw, ending up being completely ousted from the plans of the company's management.

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Apparently, after the hits made by the AEW of the Khan family, or the Hall of Famers Mark Henry and Christian or the legendary Big Show, the arrival of very important characters such as those of Aleister Black and Chavo Guerrero, in the last hours they would have rumors about a possible landing of Daniel Bryan and CM Punk at Tony Khan's court have also been made more and more insistent, with the management of the WWE that is thinking of running for cover right away.

To prevent another big name like that of Braun Strowman from ending up in the rings of the rival company, going to increase the status of the roster, as well as the fame of the federation, some executives would have expressed the thought of being able to summarize the Monster Among Men as soon as possible, thus not waiting for the end of the non-competition clause with WWE.

From the microphones of the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, we learn that: "There is interest in bringing Braun Strowman back into the company, especially after the recent AEW signings." Apparently, Vince McMahon doesn't want his rival company to gain, much more than thinking about the coffers of his company, which would have to pay back hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to pay for in-ring performance.

of a character who apparently has no plans for the booking team for some time now. Tucker was released by the company earlier this year, much like Braun Strowman but since the star hadn't been on WWE TV for a number of months, his release wasn't as much of a surprise.

After Heavy Machinery went their separate ways and Tucker was moved over to RAW, the star was only able to make one appearance where he was attacked by RETRIBUTION, who were reacting to his betrayal of Otis.

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