Braun Strowman responds to rumors about his possible WWE return

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Braun Strowman responds to rumors about his possible WWE return

In the last great wave of layoffs carried out by WWE in its main roster, in which important names of athletes such as Aleister Black, Lana or Braun Strowman were cut, the Monster Among Men of the company was the most sensational name that had left astonished WWE Universe fans, with the mammoth former Universal Champion who until a few weeks before was still running in the Monday Night Raw main event, in titled matches and a few weeks later was so easily ousted from the company.

In the last few hours, important online rumors would have emerged, with which we learned that several executives of the Stamford-based company would be interested in putting the former Wyatt Family back under contract with the company, thus blowing him to a potential new contract with the company.

AEW, a company that lately has been buying up former WWE, to be included in its staff. After Aleister Black and the alleged names of CM Punk and Daniel Bryan, that of Braun Strowman would be the icing on the cake of the AEW, which would give a real knockout blow to the WWE, should he get to compete in the Dynamite rings.

Braun Strowman was released from WWE in June

Obviously, the comment of the person interested in all this mountain of indiscretions and rumors against him could not be missing, with Braun Strowman who with a simple sentence left the WWE Universe fans even more doubtful and confused than before, writing: "Of course I don't move the needle !!!" Apparently, it seems that Strowman is interested in returning to work in the Stamford-based company rings, although for the wrestler there may be new projects in the pipeline, such as movies or activities that had nothing to do with pro-wrestling.

Apparently, the high demands of the fighter, both from the point of view of money and from the point of view of the attention that the companies had to have towards him, affected him getting offers, with Braun Strowman's minimum request pegged at $20,000 per appearance.

At the same time, Mark Henry said that AEW has its eyes set on the big man too. "It's not all a Mark Henry decision but there is already interest on both sides so hopefully by the time he's allowed to wrestle, in August- I think the middle of August then we can have a serious conversation about contractual things of that nature, but right now there's interest on both sides," Mark Henry said.