Santino Marella recalls his amazing WWE debut

Marella pinned Umaga with help from Bobby Lashley to win the Intercontinental Championship

by Simone Brugnoli
Santino Marella recalls his amazing WWE debut

Santino Marella was one of the funniest and most hilarious characters to set foot in the WWE ring in the modern era. The former superstar of Italian origins became the author of one of the most iconic debuts of recent years, having immediately won the title of Intercontinental champion by pinning Umag with the help of Bobby Lashley.

It was a shock to the WWE Universe when Anthony Carelli (his real name) jumped the fence and accepted Vince McMahon's challenge for the title. Interviewed by Renee Paquette in the latest edition of 'Oral Sessions', Marella recalled her first steps in WWE with great accuracy, also revealing a particular anecdote that no one had ever told.

Santino Marella made one of the most iconic WWE debuts

“The show started and my segment was either the first or the second, I don't remember exactly. Either way, Vince McMahon's music resounded in the arena and fans rushed to the barricade at the speed of light.

I was lost in the crowd, I had six or seven people in front of me, so I thought I had missed my chance. Fortunately, the situation quickly settled down and I was able to highlight myself,” Santino Marella explained. The WWE Universe could not believe that a casual member of the audience was capable of such success, a factor that would lead to the famous comic twist of Santino's character.

A role that no one had taken on for a long time: “I had trained to become like Dean Malenko, Chris Benoit, Kurt Angle, a tough guy. Then I realized that there was no competition for the comic role, in fact, I wondered why for many years." Marella wouldn't mind returning to WWE in another capacity.

"I'd be happy to be a commentator. Just before the pandemic broke out, I went to the Performance Center for some interviews. Now there is COVID and I have no intention of traveling, but with the return to normal, I hope to have a chance.

I would like to be the commentator of a main event." A while back, Santino Marella made a pitch to WWE. He stated that his daughter, Bianca Carelli, has taken to wrestling and is ready to make the move to the big leagues. "So yeah to the PC just take her man just take her.

She does not have to be on RAW tomorrow. Keep her for a couple of years and trust me she will get it. She has the in-ring ability, the presence...I wanna go watch her at WrestleMania," said Santino Marella.

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