Beth Phoenix on Working Remotely During the Pandemic

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Beth Phoenix on Working Remotely During the Pandemic

Beth Phoenix is a WWE Hall of Famer and she is currently working as NXT Color Commentator. She recently spoke about working remotely during the Pandemic. She revealed how she worked from her home during the pandemic and how the WWE managed to deal with the delay in her commentary.

“It was a village of people. It was a village,” Phoenix said. “So what happened was over the summer, Adam had the Greatest Wrestling Match ever. And my mom has a heart condition, she had a triple heart bypass, she’s super high risk.

And the news is saying the world is ending and we’re like ‘what is going on?’ So we had discussions, I think they were working and talking with all talent and like ‘who’s comfortable with doing what?’ And in my situation, I was like ‘I’m stuck guys.

Adam’s hurt, he just had his surgery. My kids aren’t in school, my kids are remote schooling. And I can’t get COVID because my mom lives alone and I help her.’ So I was like, I was in a situation where I was like ‘maybe I have to quit.’ I said to them, I said ‘if you have to replace me I completely understand but I’m stuck.

I need to take care of my husband. He needs my help, my kids need me and my mom needs me. And Michael Cole and Hunter said ‘we’re going to come up with something.’ They got with tech and tech got with me. And you know me, I can barely operate a cell phone.

It’s magic that I can click a link to get on Zoom."

Beth Phoenix on Doing Commentary from her home during the pandemic

“And somehow with an army of WWE masterminds, we were able to set up a remote commentary station, and they did so for Mauro as well.

Because of travel restrictions. And North Carolina was locked down, I couldn’t even get there if I wanted to. And then we did this progressively throughout the rest of the summer and the fall through Christmas. And we were able to get my mother vaccinated in that time before I went back to work.

She was in the first or second high-risk group. We got her vaccinated and Adam was healed, so he didn’t need my help anymore," said Beth Phoenix. "And my kids returned to school. So my life, I was in a position where I could travel again and expose myself to risk because all my personal ducks were back in a row.

I’ve said this to everybody individually, but I have absolute gratitude and loyalty to NXT, Hunter, Cole, everybody who made that happen, and how hard it was to work with me. Because they had to put the other commentators on delay.

It was about .8’s of a second to match me because it was done through Wi-Fi. So they would be one, two, three in the ring, you know how fast everything moves, one, two three! They’d have to call it and then see it on the screen half a second later.

Replays, everything was off. To the guys who were sitting at the desk, they were so good that they were working on a delay, to operate in synch with me. It was unbelievable”.