Adam Pearce makes fun of Baron Corbin on social media

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Adam Pearce makes fun of Baron Corbin on social media

Apparently, things seem to have definitely changed in recent months, with King Corbin, returning to being simply Baron Corbin in recent weeks, after what happened in the ring together with Shinsuke Nakamura, with the now former King of the Ring who would have lost both his title that his crown, starting to lose his dignity on-screen, mistreated by everyone and everything.

In the last period, in fact, Corbin has suffered several setbacks, first losing the crown offered in a specific match against the King of Strong Style of the WWE, Nakamura and then losing also the name and the arrogant gimmick of all time.

Even in the last episode of the blue show, Corbin came out morally with broken bones, with the WWE that would have deliberately taken this path, changing his character in a really important way. Adam Pearce has been doing an incredible job since he became a WWE Official.

He has made some amazing moves as an on-screen character and has even produced some of the company's best matches over the past year. Now, it seems his efforts have been recognized by the company.

Adam Pearce makes fun of Baron Corbin

Plus, reports confirm Adam Pearce has also been given a new title - Director of Live Events.

In the past, this role has been associated with overseeing and conducting live events. This includes managing touring creative and the lineups. This news implies WWE may be preparing to hit the road once again sometime soon. On his Twitter account, Pearce posted a funny photo of Baron Corbin.

We will go and see in the coming weeks how far the WWE will go with one of its favorite Friday Night Smackdown heels, who's gone from being the terror of the half roster to being the laughing stock of the whole company, starting with Nakamura and his guitar assistant, Rick Boogs, who lately literally showed the "green mice" to the former WWE ring king.

Despite everything, this too remains one of the most interesting feuds of the blue show, at least as regards the mid-card of the Friday night show, amidst the myriad of plans thrown into the WWE Universe, in view of the return on the road of the company.