What does WWE think about CM Punk's situation?

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What does WWE think about CM Punk's situation?

In recent days there has been nothing but talk of CM Punk and Daniel Bryan, with the two former WWE athletes who would have been approached in a very important way at All Elite Wrestling (AEW), with several important overseas newspapers who would swear that both have already signed an agreement with the Khan family and that will soon make their debut in the ring as the performer of the All Elite.

For several years, nothing was known about Punk, not that the wrestler had disappeared into thin air, but at least as regards his passion for pro-wrestling, with the bad vicissitudes in the WWE circles that it seems that his love for discipline would have been extinguished for some time, which led him to the roof of the world, only to disappear into thin air after the Rumble of 2014, the moment of the abandonment of Punk from the WWE.

CM Punk is in talks to return to professional wrestling

Apparently, lately, many scenarios seem to have opened around the Second City Savior of the Stamford-based company, which after having achieved a record reign alongside Paul Heyman, as one of the most supported heel of the last 20 years of WWE, instead he would have preferred to leave wrestling forever, except perhaps to think about it in the last period.

Many are sure that the WWE executives would now make false papers to bring CM Punk back to the company, just to steal him from the rival company, but apparently, this isn't the case. According to what was revealed by the sources of the well-known American site Ringside News, who spoke to some WWE insiders, the McMahon-owned company continues not to consider Punk a reinforcement for the federation, completely snubbing his possible involvement with AEW.

According to the words entrusted to the Ringside reporters, "WWE has no interest in doing business with CM Punk" of any kind whatsoever. His involvement in WWE Backstage, was in fact strongly desired by FOX, which has signed the wrestler as a columnist and analyst, knowing the love that the WWE Universe has always had towards him, hoping that the well-known face of Punk could bring numerous more views into the program, but it didn't.

CM Punk could make an AEW appearance at the upcoming All Out event in Chicago. The report also stated that WWE had no interest in signing him lately. Even AEW said they would never do business with Punk once their deal fell apart two years back.

CM Punk could be a big acquisition for AEW as he would bring star power and help groom the young talent in Tony Khan's promotion.