Wrestling legend explains why WWE uses John Cena and Goldberg

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Wrestling legend explains why WWE uses John Cena and Goldberg

After dealing with empty arenas for over a year due to the global pandemic, WWE has been back to hosting live audiences for about a week. The Money in the Bank pay-per-view took place under almost normal conditions, in the hope that it is only the beginning of a gradual but continuous recovery.

Attention is already paid to SummerSlam, the most important event of the summer, which will be staged at the end of August. As is the tradition at this time of the year, the Stamford federation has decided to bring a number of veterans back to the ring.

Edge had already made his return some time ago, while John Cena and Goldberg reappeared to challenge Roman Reigns and Bobby Lashley respectively. This move has sparked interest from fans but has also attracted more than a few criticisms in recent weeks.

During the last edition of the 'Smack Talk' show, pro-wrestling legend Dutch Mantell revealed the real reason for WWE to recall all these Hall of Famers.

Mantell on John Cena and Goldberg

“People have been wondering for years why WWE would prefer to bring back veterans who are now of a certain age and who haven't fought in a long time.

The reason is exactly this: they have nothing more to prove and can be used for a 'nostalgic' tour at any time. Vince McMahon has always used the Hall of Famers to grab the attention of longtime fans, and it has to be admitted that the results proved him right," explained Mantell.

Although John Cena is now a part-timer, he will work at WWE almost full time for a short time in order to facilitate ticket sales. Dave Meltzer reported that two live events in which the leader of the 'Cenation' were supposed to take part have been canceled.

"The first was scheduled for August 8 in Gainesville, Florida, while the second involves the recording of SmackDown on September 17 at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta," Meltzer reported. Current WWE champion Bobby Lashley issued an open challenge on RAW, which was responded to by the returning Keith Lee, who lost to Lashley.

The champion was then confronted by a returning Goldberg screaming, 'I'm next!' to his face. After how things went down at RAW, it is safe to assume that Lashley will be defending his title against Goldberg, possibly at Summerslam.

It will be interesting to see how the build-up to the match between the two behemoths takes place. Goldberg is currently being advertised for two episodes of Monday Night RAW in August.