Roman Reigns warns Finn Balor

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Roman Reigns warns Finn Balor

After the sensational return of John Cena to the ring of Money in the Bank and then to those of Monday Night Raw before and Friday Night Smackdown after, to get to knock on the door of the Tribal Chief of the blue show, the ex also thought about it NXT Champion, Finn Balor, who arrived unexpectedly in front of the FOX cameras, in the latest episode of Smackdown that aired last Friday night.

After hearing the monologue of the WWE Universal Champion, who had heavily rejected the character of Cena, affirming how stale and monotonous he had been for over 15 years, he's got to challenge Roman Reigns in a surprising way.

Roman Reigns has agreed to accept the challenge and wanted to give a warning to his opponent on social media, as he did before with Daniel Bryan and with Cesaro, also passing through Edge and John Cena.

Finn Balor and Roman Reigns had a staredown to close out the show

In the last few hours, Roman has in fact stated on his Twitter account: "Welcome back to the Isle of Relevance, Finn Balor.

Not everyone has a second chance, don't waste it." Apparently, the challenge was launched and even accepted by the defending champion. We will now have to wait to understand how things will evolve, especially taking into account the challenge launched by John Cena to the reigning champion, which however was rejected and above all to understand if Finn Balor vs Reigns will arrive for the title, in one of the next episodes of the show.

blue or even in the summer Big Four of the McMahon company: Summerslam. After Edge, Cesaro, Daniel Bryan and Rey Mysterio, who will be the new victim of Reigns? Roman Reigns rejected WWE legend John Cena's challenge for SummerSlam 2021 on this week's episode of SmackDown.

To his surprise, Finn Balor came out and challenged him to a match. The Tribal Chief accepted the challenge, and the WWE Universe might see these two men face off very soon. Roman Reigns and Finn Balor have locked horns on several occasions over the years.

The last time these two men had a match was back in August 2018 on an episode of WWE RAW. In this bout, Reigns successfully defended his WWE Universal Championship against Balor in singles action.