Kane was lucky he never went green

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Kane was lucky he never went green

One of the most unique and legendary characters in the entire history of WWE, is undoubtedly the new Hall of Famer, Kane, the famous Big Red Machine of the Monday Night Raw rings, who for over twenty years has devastated and massacred all the Superstars of the company, becoming one of the most dominant athletes ever.

The long storyline that has always united him with The Undertaker, led him to receive the news of the entry into the Hall of Fame by his "brother" of the ring, that Deadman who for over 20 years was both an important ally that an important enemy of his.

In his long career, however, Kane has also had other very important allies and tag team partners, such as Rob Van Dam, X-Pac or Big Show. One of these allies, X-Pac, wanted to reveal in the last few hours a particular anecdote about Kane's career, which many fans of the WWE Universe did not yet know, namely the idea of ​​presenting Kane in the ring with a completely green colored attire.

and not red, its natural color.

Kane has been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame

In the last episode of his podcast, the two-time WWE Hall of Famer of the McMahon-owned company wanted to tell a particular anecdote that happened during Kane's long career, when the Big Red Monster was joined by the fighter of the DX, stable whose the most famous color was green, with the management of the company wanting to change the color of Kane's ring attire, which was instead fiery red.

Precisely on this topic, X-Pac reported: “It definitely wouldn't have been a good thing for Kane. Maybe a lot of people could have said 'Oh, we have to see this in green' at least once, but he wasn't in the D-X fuck!

He is Kane! He's the Big Red Machine, he's not the fucking Big Green Machine, for God's sake." Apparently, WWE was actually thinking about making an official Kane attire totally green, which was also proven in very few and rare events of the federation, but fortunately, it never went through in an official and definitive way, with the Big Red Monster that remained so for the rest of his career, even if it changed some attire, rising even the mask, and then go back to using a much lighter one.

When Kane arrived at Badd Blood, he ripped apart the cell door with his bare hands and attacked The Undertaker, hitting him with the Tombstone Piledriver. That night ignited one of the most riveting feuds in WWE history. The Undertaker and Kane have faced off on many occasions and drawn fans' interest around the globe.

They faced each other inside Hell In A Cell, at multiple WrestleManias, and we even saw a match between Vince McMahon and The Undertaker where Kane buried his brother alive.