Matt Cardona's the new GCW Champion

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Matt Cardona's the new GCW Champion

Over the past two years, WWE has gone on to cut numerous wrestlers from its rosters, making over 300 layoffs in less than 365 days, involving insiders, road agents, wrestlers, referees and office workers for the obvious problems caused due to the global pandemic.

Among the many excluded from the future of the company, Zack Ryder also returned, returned to being simply Matt Cardona (his real name) in the independents, who appeared first in AEW, then in Impact Wrestling and finally also in numerous other American independent companies, like GCW, where he became the company's all-time champion tonight.

In the night, in fact, Matt Cardona was expected in a very important match against Nick Cage, at GCW Homecoming (part 1), with the former McMahon-owned wrestling rings' champion who was going to attack the GCW World Championship, right against the athlete who debuted in the latest episode of All Elite Wrestling's Dynamite, where Cardona is back to work with his future wife by his side, the other former WWE, Chelsea Green.

One of the more interesting stories that have unfolded in professional wrestling recently is Matt Cardona beginning a feud with death-match legend and GCW Champion Nick Gage.

Matt Cardona is currently signed with IMPACT Wrestling

During the GCW match, at one point Chris Jericho's theme song, the very famous Juda's, was heard, with Nick Cage obviously being distracted by it, as Cage has now become one of MJF's main contributors in AEW and therefore archenemy of Jericho.

Eventually, with the help of RSP, Matt Cardona managed to beat Cage, in the most brutal match of his career, from which he came out in a blood mask and with several cuts on his body, however becoming GCW World Champion for the first time.

time in his career. But this is where the unexpected happened. The audience present in the small arena where the event was held began to clamor against Cardona's victory, also starting to throw objects at the new champion such as bottles of water, food and garbage.

When Matt Cardona left the ring in the direction of the backstage, the security had to literally escort the fighter like a human shield, to prevent the fans from beating him wildly. One of the most unforgettable nights of the former WWE Intercontinental Champion, for better or for worse.

In an incredibly violent match that saw both men profusely bleeding at the end of it, several run-in attempts from other wrestlers, and eventually hitting the Rough Rider to pin the beloved GCW Champion Nick Gage, Matt Cardona became the new, as you'll see from the video, lesser loved GCW Champion.