*Spoiler* First match for Finn Balor since his return

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*Spoiler* First match for Finn Balor since his return

John Cena's Theme Song resonates, which is preparing to enter the ring most likely to talk to us about something inherent to the rivalry with Roman Reigns, which began last Sunday. The audience is in awe and the C-Nation Leader takes all the heat he can.

Cena picks up the microphone and starts remembering Money In The Bank, saying he had a lot of fun and that he came back to challenge the "Ego-Maniac" Roman Reigns at SummerSlam. Immediately after Cena, he states that he doesn't like SmackDown with Roman as champion, but that this is just his opinion, aware that there are many fans of the Tribal Chief nevertheless.

Meeting him at SummerSlam is not just a title match, it's a match for the entire WWE Universe. After this motivational speech, the 16-time world champion plays with the audience asking which side he is on, and then concludes his speech by calling the champion back to the ring, stating that at the end of SummerSlam Reigns he will understand that "THE CHAMP IS HERE" LADIES AND GENTLEMAN ...

Here comes Paul Heyman greeted by an ovation from the audience, who then whistles him after being hurt by him. Heyman states that Roman will answer the match request tonight, but only when he wants to, to show that the "TRIBAL CHIEF IS HERE" Heyman walks away humming Cena's theme.

Finn Balor made his return to WWE SmackDown last week. He confronted Sami Zayn in the ring and took him down with a few signature moves.

Finn Balor got a match against Sami Zayn

Finn Balor VS Sami Zayn Initial control by Zayn, who repeatedly hits Balor, knocking him out several times with grabs.

The response from Finn, however, was not long in coming and after several shots, I jump over the third rope for the Irishman who hits the Canadian. Excellent exchanges between the two who then alternate the best moves in their repertoire.

In the end, however, it is the newcomer from NXT who wins thanks to his Coup de Grace at the end of a good match. Interview for Baron Corbin who still remembers how unfortunate his moment is, especially from a monetary point of view.

Precisely for this reason, Corbin had to come to the building in a public bus. The former King disappears wondering "what is happening to me?" It's time for Big E, the new Mr. Money In The Bank! Big E says he will never forget Sunday night, but as soon as he starts talking again, Apollo Crews remembers how he beat him at WrestleMania.

After him, the Dirty Dawgs, Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro parade in order on the stage, declaring that he wants the Intercontinental title.