*Spoiler* Edge expresses all his frustration

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*Spoiler* Edge expresses all his frustration

We are now at the Rolling Loud Music Festival, where Wale names the Street Profits that will soon be in action. Angelo Dawkins VS Chad Gable Gable starts the match by working on Dawkins' injured arm, then hitting his face with a nice German Suplex.

However, out of nowhere, Angelo hits Gable with a Spinebuster and wins the match. However, the presence of WWE at the festival does not end here, because Bianca Belair arrives, ready to face Carmella in a titled match. Bianca Belair VS Carmella for the WWE SmackDown Women's Championship Good match between the two contenders, who exchange various blows among which we must remember a Facebuster and a Superkick of the Princess of Staten Island, which in the end, however, can do nothing in front of the KOD of the champion who therefore keeps the title after 1, 2.3 final.

Kevin Owens, Shotzi & Nox are grappling with the cannon of the Tag Team mini tank, which doesn't seem to want to work today. Immediately after the direction moves to Baron Corbin who asks for help from the one who made his debut attacking John Cena, inviting him to give him only 10 dollars.

Owens, who today wears a Viking Raiders t-shirt, gives up and offers some dollars to Corbin, who is then accidentally hit by the two women, who therefore still confirm his misfortune. Then come the Dirty Dawgs who also steal the unfortunate's money.

Edge made his way out on WWE SmackDown to a big pop. The WWE Hall of Famer addressed what went down on Sunday night in his match against Roman Reigns.

Edge expresses all his frustration

IT'S EDGE TIME! The now ex-challenger of Roman Reigns arrives in the ring and praises the entire WWE Universe, appealing to how much he missed it.

Immediately after, however, things get serious and the Canadian declares that his defeat at MITB took place only and only for the interference in the match of Seth Rollins. Edge remembers their first meeting and remembers some moments of his career that formed him, so much so that he teaches him some things that he will be able to use very soon against his opponent.

But here's Seth Rollins! The Messiah shows up on the stage asking if anyone has mentioned his name or not. Rollins approaches the ring blaming the audience, Edge and John Cena. Rollins is fed up with seeing athletes like them steal the show from others, and that this time he will not hesitate even a second to put an end to all of the Canadian's dreams, pulling the trigger once and for all. Now a fight starts between the two and Edge hits Rollins with an Edgecution.