*Spoiler* Bianca Belair will now be looking for more challengers

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*Spoiler* Bianca Belair will now be looking for more challengers

Toni Storm VS Zelina Vega The newcomer immediately makes herself known by the newly returned Zelina, who then sends her straight to the commentators' table, before also applying a Sunset Flip much appreciated by the public.

But Storm Cutter winning his first SmackDown match! The director sends us the images of the Usos' victory in Money In The Bank, which allowed the two to become the new couple champions of the blue show. The images are the prelude to the next match we will see tonight.

Jimmy Uso VS Dominik Mysterio Jimmy has initial control of the match, but as soon as Dominik recovers things change. Both he and his father hit the twins from the apron and the ropes, to the delight of the public who surely expected these moments from some of their favorites.

Failed attempt by Dominik's Three Amigos, but he hits with a 619 Jimmy. The match does not end due to Jey's interference, who then helps his brother win in the same way on Sunday night. Confusing final, but a victory for the Samoan.

We saw Bianca Belair successfully defend her WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship against Carmella once again. But the lack of cheers or applause made the entire thing seem quite redundant.

We saw Bianca Belair successfully defend her title

It was the only inferior segment in an otherwise flawless episode of the Blue brand.

Bianca Belair will now be looking for more challengers on WWE SmackDown, and she might feud with Toni Storm next, who made an impressive debut this week. HERE IS ROMAN REIGNS! The Tribal Chief is here, ready to face John Cena face-to-face.

The public is divided between fans who praise the champion and fans who instead yell at him to suck. Roman responds in kind, asking all fans both in the arena and at home to "recognize" Roman says that John Cena also recognized him, both at MITB and Raw, and tonight.

The same John Cena who continues to behave like in 2005, the same John Cena that he can never see, both now and at SummerSlam. Roman Reigns then officially says no to the match between him and the C-Nation Leader. But, AMAZING!

Finn Balor arrives, challenging Roman Reigns, who initially laughs but then accepts the request! And with this particular ending, another episode of SmackDown ends, which left some excellent ideas especially in terms of spoken segments, even if the quite intrigued ending didn't make me particularly happy.

However, next week will be very important to understand what will happen with Cena, Reigns and Balor, increasingly dangerous for the Universal title.