Bayley would love to challenge a famous superstar

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Bayley would love to challenge a famous superstar

One of the most important female fighters on all WWE rosters in the last pandemic period, in the so-called ThunderDome Era, was undoubtedly the former Friday Night Smackdown champion, as well as the pair champion of the entire federation, Bayley.

The "Role Model" of the blue show, who for a whole year had a close storyline with Sasha Banks, first as an ally and then as a bitter enemy, was in fact considered one of the most important fighters for the entire federation, both by fans of the WWE Universe, both by colleagues and by the insiders of the company, who have entrusted very important segments and matches in her hands, knowing that they can trust the skills of the girl.

Even at Wrestlemania, an event in which Bayley did not fight, a possible very important match was rumored against Becky Lynch, an athlete still absent, who at first had to return to tread the rings of the McMahon family, right at the Showcase of the Immortals.

Bayley has been the MVP of the pandemic era

Apparently, the rivalry between WWE and AEW, however, would not force the fighters of the Stamford federation to remain silent, being able to speak freely about what they want also about the federation of Khans, without suffering repercussions from the management of the company of the McMahon.

The last to talk about a possible feud with a competitor fighter, was in fact Bayley, former champion of Smackdown, who to the microphones of Metro in her last interview, wanted to call into question a former WWE fighter, seen for some time with CM Punk, in her version of the Straight Edge Society: Serena Deeb.

Regarding a dispute with the girl currently under contract with the All Elite, Bayley has in fact shared: "I have a lot of respect and I also have a long history with Serena Deeb. I would love so, so much, so much to be able to have a match with her someday.

She really helped me a lot early in my career, getting into SHIMMER. That would be really great." The only way to see a match like this is for one of the two athletes to make the famous jump of the fence, with Serena Deeb coming back to the McMahon court or with Bayley going to fight in the ring instead.

of the Khan family, but at the moment, both ideas are a little out of reach for both of us. This week's SmackDown saw a lot of changes due to the surprising injury of "The Role Model" The WWE Universe witnessed two call-ups from NXT and another vignette teasing the debut of another.

With the draft on the horizon, there could be a complete overhaul of both Raw and SmackDown rosters in the weeks to come.