Brock Lesnar immortalized with a new look

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Brock Lesnar immortalized with a new look

In recent months, little has been said about Brock Lesnar, as the now ex-talent of the McMahon family has no longer appeared in any event of the company, neither as a guest nor as a wrestler. Since the end of his contract with the WWE, which ended shortly after last year's Wrestlemania, nothing has been heard of Lesnar, except for some random photos that arrived online thanks to some fans, who recognized him and found him in some hidden part of Canada, where The Beast has lived with his family for years.

In his recent photos, Brock Lesnar appeared with a completely different look from the usual one, that is with a beard and long hair, together with two fans and friends, while quietly went hunting or walking around his town.

Apparently, Lesnar's said to be a guy very accustomed to always keeping different looks outside the WWE TV screens, with a clean face, hairless and short hair that would therefore only be a hallmark of his in-ring professionalism.

Backstage News on Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar's last public appearance came at the TC Summer Jam, an event at which Lesnar attended fully dressed, with an almost completely "Texan" style, complete with a t-shirt and black Texan hat, which he did around the world.

As you will see in the photo posted by Dubs, a personality from the world of American radio, Brock Lesnar also took pictures with him, showing his unusual look, with beard and hat, with several fans and professionals who began to make fun on social media, asking that Lesnar also present himself in this way at his future appointments in the ring.

In a very short time, in fact, Brock Lesnar has become a real protagonist of memes and photomontages for WWE Universe fans, who also went to find old photos where Lesnar wore the hat in public events not related to WWE, even in presence of his wife Sable.

When Brock Lesnar left WWE and joined UFC, he did not use The Next Big Thing as his entrance music. Instead, he used a variety of different songs for his entrances in the UFC. For his first fight at UFC 81, he used the song Shout At The Devil by Motley Crue.

Brock Lesnar's most notable UFC entrance theme song, however, was Enter Sandman by Metallica. Lesnar used it for a number of his entrances and it remains one of the most famous songs associated with him.