John Cena defeats Roman Reigns in a live event

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John Cena defeats Roman Reigns in a live event

After making his surprise return to Money in the Bank, John Cena left WWE Universe fans stunned, going to challenge none other than Friday Night Smackdown Universal Champion, Roman Reigns, who was as dismissive of danger as ever.

If initially John Cena only challenged the Tribal Chief of Smackdown with gestures, in his first two in-ring promos, Cena then literally went to challenge for a match in Summerslam the absolute champion of the blue show, on two different occasions, which did not go under the radar for fans of the WWE Universe.

Likewise, Finn Balor left everyone stunned when he challenged Roman Reigns to a match.

John Cena returned to WWE at Money in the Bank

In the first live event held by WWE after its return to the road, on the show held on the evening of July 24, the McMahon company set up a six-man main event, with Roman Reigns and his cousins ​​on one side, the Usos and on the other John Cena and the Mysterios.

In the very first live event not captured by the cameras after more than a year of cancellations due to Covid, WWE has thus brought back one of its most important characters, that John Cena who managed to go and snatch the victory for his team, making two Attitude Adjustments, one against the Universal champion and one against one of his cousins, eventually pinned for victory.

Although Reigns has not accepted the challenge for John Cena's Summerslam, it will now be necessary to see how the situation will evolve at Smackdown, given that we are not yet sure when Balor and Reigns will face each other, or if this challenge will be valid for the title currently alongside the Tribal Chief.

However, the possibility remains high that in the end, a John Cena-Roman Reigns will come about at Summerslam, at least for the great impact that this dispute would have in terms of ticket sales and ppv from home. Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter has reported that WWE initially planned to have a show on August 8th in Gainesville, FL featuring Cena.

However, the plan has been scrapped unexpectedly. Another planned event in State Farm Arena in Atlanta has also been nixed by the company. "WWE also canceled one show Cena would have appeared on, on 8/8 in Gainesville, FL, which had 2,233 tickets out.

The other cancellation, which was strange, was the 9/17 Smackdown tapings from the State Farm Arena in Atlanta. After a two-day pre-sale, they had about 1,700 tickets out, which would be very little since that includes the comps," stated Dave Meltzer.