Charlotte Flair reveals the match that changed her career

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Charlotte Flair reveals the match that changed her career

One of the absolute protagonists of the WWE rings in general, as well as those of Monday Night Raw, in recent years, has undoubtedly been Charlotte Flair, multiple world champion of Raw and Smackdown, daughter of the two-time WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair, who was winning exit also from the ring of Money in the Bank, only to be pinned on Raw, just 24 hours later, for Nikki ASH's collection of her briefcase just won at the homonymous PPV.

Despite everything, Charlotte Flair still achieved her eleventh world victory in WWE, with her father's record approaching in an increasingly less surprising way, as the girl is still in her prime to be able to continue to win and convince fans and employees.

to the work of the Stamford-based company. Furthermore, in her last interview, Charlotte wanted to clarify one of the matches that according to the fans were very beautiful, but not too important for her career, when instead for Charlotte they were fundamental for her entire career.

Let's talk about the Wrestlemania 34 match against Asuka.

Charlotte Flair is the most decorated female superstar in WWE history

In her last interview with Ryan Satin, for the Out of Character column, Charlotte Flair wanted to bring out her thoughts on one of the most beautiful and important matches of her career, that of WM 34 against the Japanese Asuka, at the time.

with a formidable streak of victories still untouched, which only the daughter of the Nature Boy had managed to destroy. In fact, Charlotte revealed to Satin's microphones: "Not that I liked putting her in that match, but I think it was her match against Asuka that most pushed me to the next level when I broke her streak at Wrestlemania.

She had nothing to prove and someone who worked backstage, who I am very close to, thought I was going to lose. I was like 'so am I the underdog here?' Putting Asuka into Figure Eight was my favorite part." Rhea Ripley will probably be sporting a leg injury for a while to sell the effects of what Charlotte Flair did to her at Money in the Bank.

This would certainly fit with the storyline that the two have been telling about faking injuries and being 'The Dirtiest Player in the Game.' But Ripley will more than likely want to try and regain the title she lost and will want revenge for the assault on her leg, so we could very well see the feud between the two continue instead of a new challenger.