Booker T opens up on Karrion Kross' loss

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Booker T opens up on Karrion Kross' loss

Last week on Monday Night Raw, NXT champion Karrion Kross took his unbeaten streak into the red brand and everyone expected his main roster debut would be embellished with a win. To general dismay, he was instead defeated by Jeff Hardy in under two minutes.

In the following days, numerous insiders questioned this choice by the WWE, which according to them risks undermining the status of a highly regarded character like Kross. In the course of the latest episode of his 'Hall of Fame' podcast, Booker T wanted to calm things down, asserting that the frustration of fans is quite unjustified at the moment.

"Why did the Internet literally catch fire?" began Booker T. "Most of the time it is not the outcome of the match that is important, but the story. Karrion Kross is a very promising guy who has come a long way at NXT, where he is even undefeated.

He now has lost to Jeff Hardy in a match that the whole world thought he would win easily, but things went differently. When WWE makes a similar decision, it does so for a very specific reason. You have to analyze thoroughly to understand why.

As I see it, it is good that the outcome of the meeting was surprising compared to what everyone expected to see at that moment," the two-time WWE Hall of Famer added.

Booker T on Karrion Kross

Booker T also focused on Karrion Kross' future: “We don't know if he will return to the main roster next week, but I think not.

It will be necessary to see if Scarlett will be there with him or not. I think people get too h*t sometimes. They want it all in a single moment, they want instant gratification. The wrestling activity is long-term, the dreams of fans cannot be fulfilled in a single night.

You have to work week after week to make an angle successful, otherwise, everyone would be capable." Moreover, WWE now doesn't acknowledge Charlotte's 2 NXT Championship wins as she referred to herself as an 11-time champion, rather than the usual 13 or 14-time Women's Champion.

Prior to Kross' loss on Monday, he was undefeated in the singles competition in WWE. He had defeated the best of the best in NXT, including Finn Balor, Pete Dunne, Adam Cole, Johnny Gargano, Tommaso Ciampa and Kyle O'Reilly before making his WWE main roster debut.

Samoa Joe returned to WWE NXT last month and was appointed as the special enforcer of the Black and Gold Brand. Joe came face to face with Kross before dismissing him from the ring in a heated moment.