Former WWE writer on working with CM Punk

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Former WWE writer on working with CM Punk

CM Punk was one of the most controversial athletes to ever set foot in the WWE ring. The Chicago champion has been able to combine extraordinary talent with a truly innate charisma, which has ended up conquering fans all over the world.

His very strong ego also caused him numerous frictions with the WWE management, so much so that the separation between the parties was not without consequences. After unsuccessfully attempting a career in the UFC, Punk slipped from the scene as there were countless rumors about his possible return to the Stamford-based federation.

Over the past few weeks, former WWE Champion Daniel Bryan and CM Punk have been strikingly close to signing with Tony Khan's All Elite Wrestling. The next few days will be decisive to understand more.

Vince Russo talks about CM Punk

Speaking on Sportskeeda like every week, former WWE and WCW writer Vince Russo said he worked with CM Punk briefly at IMPACT Wrestling.

As a member of the Raven faction, Punk played 27 matches at IMPACT between September 2002 and February 2004. "I worked for some time with CM Punk at IMPACT" - explained Russo. "I would like to take this opportunity to enhance Raven's genius.

Ever since they took their first steps in wrestling, he already knew that CM Punk and Mickie James were going to be champions. He has seen us longer than anyone else in this business, and he did it when their explosion was still many years away,” he added.

Russo also commented on the rumors regarding Punk and Bryan: “If a million people have been constantly watching AEW so far, how many other fans would Daniel Bryan and CM Punk be able to bring? 250,000? I keep hearing that it would be a turning point, but I don't understand exactly what is meant by this expression.

WWE's takeover of WCW was a game-changer." Heath Slater is now Heath Miller and he's contracted to IMPACT Wrestling, Ryback isn't wrestling at the moment and Darren Young is working for New Japan Pro Wrestling.

But, there's plenty of talent in NXT that could use a push and all you'd really need to legitimize it as a Nexus group is the same leader in Barrett. You could even get away with debuting them in the same way as the original Nexus, by having them take out WWE's top star on the main roster.

If rumors are to be believed then CM Punk and Daniel Bryan could both be heading to All Elite Wrestling this year, which will be massive for Tony Khan's promotion.