Bully Ray takes a shot at Eddie Kingston

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Bully Ray takes a shot at Eddie Kingston

The war between AEW and WWE continues, with the two companies throwing barbs not so veiled anymore, trying to sow some discord among the fans. Between interviews, promos, matches and much more, the references that the two companies make are there for all to see and now the situation is also becoming a bit unsustainable.

After the last episode of AEW Dynamite, off the air, one of the protagonists of the company, Eddie Kingston, let himself go, in the center of the ring, to a promo that was much criticized. Kingston's words were these: “The competition sometimes doesn't want to listen to the fans […] ladies and gentlemen, AEW cares about the fans.

Because we're not here just for the paycheck. We're here every week with or without you people and we go out and fuck each other. Because we love professional wrestling. [..] "But it seems that these words not only annoyed WWE fans but also awakened someone who worked for the company: Bully Ray (Bubba Ray Dudley) guest on Busted Open Radio.

The Hall Of Famer Bully Ray has decided not to turn too much around the promo that Kingston did, but to respond directly and clearly, sending his message to everyone.

Bully Ray reflects on Eddie Kingston

“Eddie Kingston must shut up and stay on his own path.

And the way of him is from the AEW guy talking about AEW and fighting for AEW, so I'm totally into it. Tell me why you were an Indies kid for most of your career. Now this company has taken a risk on you, and you have come to love her and everything about her.

I'm in it now, Eddie, but to take the easy way out and criticize WWE, there's no reason to put it that way. If Cody wants to destroy a throne, I understand that. If Jericho means 'f ***** o', I understand it. Eddie, why? There is no reason to say those things," said Bully Ray.

Vince Russo opened up about splitting up Team 3D (the Dudleys) while he was in TNA. Russo said that Bubba reacted very well to the decision and got into excellent shape afterwards, which is when he was given a single's push.

Russo also said that D-Von didn't initially change much: "Do you remember when we broke up Bubba and D-Von? Bubba went b*lls to the wall dieting, working out, reshaping his body and then all of a sudden he walks in the door and it wasn't a steroid thing, he trimmed down.

In the meantime, D-Von didn't do the work. So here's what happened now. Bully Ray skyrockets, D-Von's in the same place."