Lio Rush announces retirement

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Lio Rush announces retirement

In recent weeks, several former WWE employees have made their resounding debut in the AEW rings. In particular, the names of the WWE veterans were certainly making the most noise: Big Show, Mark Henry and Christian, but also all the other athletes who made their debut in the All Elite during 2020 and 2021, certainly made the fans surprised as well as happy.

In the last ppv broadcast by the company of the Khan family, another face well known to fans of the WWE Universe also had the opportunity to debut, in the Casino Battle Royal dedicated to the emerging talents of the company.

Returning to the scene of a very important company on American soil, was in fact Lio Rush, former lightweight champion in the WWE, as well as on-screen manager of Bobby Lashley, who made his debut in the AEW rings despite the contract still in place with the NJPW.

Through an Instagram post, that took all his fans by surprise, however, Lio Rush communicated his desire to immediately stop fighting

Lio Rush made his brief AEW debut at Double or Nothing 2021

The young athlete, after having encountered a bad injury to his arm during the Battle Royal staged at Double or Nothing, would have taken the difficult decision to retire from the world of pro-wrestling, arguing with a very long letter left to his personal stories of Instagram.

In the various stories that are gradually being lost due to the short time available that the well-known social network leaves these images, the athlete said that after having picked up his son and not being able to hold him for a little more than a few seconds, due to the injury, he realized that pro-wrestling is no longer for him.

Although the athlete has confirmed how he will honor his existing contract with the NJPW, once he recovered 100% from the current injury, he still wanted to thank the fans for these seven years and confirmed that after the expiration of his agreement with the Japanese company, will never return to the ring as a wrestler.

Apparently, this is already the second time in which Lio Rush announces a retirement, as done at the end of his experience with the WWE, but in that case he returned to the scene after only a few months, going to fight in NJPW.

We'll see if this time the definitive retirement will come or if once again, the boy will retrace his steps, continuing to fight. Lio Rush made his brief AEW debut at Double or Nothing 2021 as part of the Casino Battle Royale match.

As the Joker, Rush entered the match last, but despite an impressive start, he was quickly eliminated by Matt Hardy. Jungle Boy eventually won the match, so he will challenge for Kenny Omega's AEW World Championship.