Wrestling legend discusses John Cena's future

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Wrestling legend discusses John Cena's future

While remaining available to WWE for any eventuality, John Cena has gradually stepped away from the ring over the past few years. The advancing age and the increasingly numerous commitments in Hollywood have in fact convinced him to leave room for the youngest, only to return to be seen on some specific occasions of great importance.

This year, the leader of the 'Cenation' did not even take part in WrestleMania, an oddity that certainly did not go unnoticed. The 16-time world champion then made his return to Money in the Bank, where he challenged Roman Reigns ahead of SummerSlam.

It has been announced that the Bostonian will make a series of live event appearances, thanks in part to the return of audiences to the arenas. This news has led many fans to wonder whether or not this is Cena's last run before retiring from wrestling.

Pro-wrestling legend Dutch Mantell, a guest this week on the 'Smack Talk' show, expressed his feelings about it.

John Cena challenged Roman Reigns

“All these appearances of John Cena on live shows don't seem random to me, especially from a SummerSlam perspective.

It's like he's doing a farewell tour, I get that impression. It reminds me of when the Eagles said they were going on tour for the last time and then continued to perform for many more years. You never know in these cases” - Mantell analyzed.

Despite much criticism over the years, John Cena's return has had a major impact on the WWE Universe. “John has already done an exceptional job, as well as attracting more attention to Roman Reigns than he has been able to do in the past three months.

Cena is a master of this kind of thing, we certainly don't find out today. I have the utmost respect for Roman and Paul Heyman, but the 16-time world champion is in another category," said Mantell. Reigns and Cena are expected to face off at SummerSlam, but Finn Balor's recent surgery has left everyone stunned.

John Cena challenged Roman Reigns to a match at SummerSlam 2021 upon his return but The Tribal Chief made it clear that he wasn't interested. Instead, Roman Reigns accepted Finn Balor's challenge, and the duo is set to face off very soon.

John Cena went on to team up with Rey and Dominik Mysterio to take on Reigns and The Usos after SmackDown went off the air last week. John Cena was involved in an in-ring segment with Riddle last week on RAW that was well received by the live audience. This might be the reason why WWE paired them up in a dark match after tonight's RAW.