Big E reveals the two best moments of his WWE career

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Big E reveals the two best moments of his WWE career

His career as a member of New Day leaves little doubt and Big E will likely be a member of the WWE Hall of Famer. At the same time, the superstar has never managed to establish himself in his title race, there have always been talks of his possible growth and his landing in the titular races but without ever reaching them.

In WWE's last Pay Per View, Money in the Bank Big E finally managed to establish himself by beating the most popular opponents on the card such as Seth Rollins and Drew McIntyre and winning the briefcase thus winning the titled chance that had been long-awaited.

Big E's words on Money in the Bank

In his career Big E has often been the protagonist of some of the most memorable and significant victories of the WWE Champion. From Kofi Kingston's victory at Wrestlemania 35 to Dolph Ziggler's victory when he cashed in and became World Heavyweight Champion.

Here are some words of him to the microphones of Sportkeeda Wrestling: "Those were really amazing moments. Looking back on it I often felt like the bridesmaid and never the bride. They were very good moments but I was there for Kofi or Dolph Ziggler never for me.

Then if I have to tell one of the best moments of my career I definitely consider the facts of Orlando when the Hardy got together, it's not about me, but it was a really beautiful moment and people still talk about it today.

I have no problem being often in the background and never in the foreground, it's already nice to be part of it. I am grateful when Dolph cashed, it was a peculiar but wonderful situation. I can say that these are the two best moments of my WWE career."

After his victory at Money in the Bank, Big E finally has a great opportunity and whether it is against WWE Champion Bobby Lashley or against the Tribal Chief and Universal Champion Roman Reigns the wrestler finally has the big opportunity to rise to the chair and become world champion of Vince McMahon's company.

Many in particular see an interesting alliance of Big E with Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods to take the title against The All Mighty. Speaking to DAZN, Big E was asked what it would mean for him to face Bobby Lashley for the WWE Championship if he chose to cash in his contract on him.

"I think it really does have a lot of significance," said Big E. "I think that's a great point. As far as you know, two black men competing for that title is incredible. I think it also means more to me because I think Bobby has done an incredible job elevating himself.

I think seeing him with the Hurt Business with MVP; he's a guy who you knew had what it took but wasn't there."