*Spoiler* Was Natalya seriously injured?

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*Spoiler* Was Natalya seriously injured?

Unfortunately, injuries are on the agenda in WWE, just like in all other pro-wrestling companies worldwide, the possibility of an athlete getting hurt, suffering badly a blow or a move from an opponent is very high. Very often, in fact, the room for maneuver between two athletes is truly small, so the slightest mistake made by one of the two could cause significant damage to the body of a fighter, who would then be faced with a more or less serious injury.

Throughout the history of WWE, almost all athletes have suffered the most disparate injuries, from fractures to the loss of a few teeth, up to the laceration of some tendons, with the long months of rehabilitation that followed these events, which were certainly painful and unforgettable moments for such athletes.

Also on the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, it seems that something has gone wrong and to fall victim this time there would have been the couple champion of the main roster, Natalya. In the Monday Night Raw episode that aired tonight, main roster tag team champions Natalya and Tamina were called upon to do their duty as fighters against Eva Marie and Doudrop, with the two champions winning their match, despite Natalya most likely injured her leg.

Latest update on Natalya

To end the contest, after a few minutes of absence from the ring of the Canadian, in fact, the partner Tamina thought about it, who with her usual superkick spread an Eva Marie distracted by a segment staged by Alexa Bliss, which at the moment would seem having turned all his attention to the beautiful WWE redhead.

After the victory, however, the fans realized that something was wrong with Natalya, with the champion who was accompanied backstage under the arm by two people, so as not to tire her leg that seems to have suffered something serious.

At the moment we don't know exactly what the problem was encountered by the WWE couple category champion, but it is thought to a problem with tendons, which could lead her to stay away from the ring for several months. We await further news which we will then share with you.

As much as Natalya enjoys driving to work every day and sleeping in her own home, she missed the interaction with the WWE Universe even more. "That's my favorite part of the job is engaging with the audience," Natalya continued.

"Even just walking into an arena and seeing the fans outside the arena and taking selfies and interacting with them. I love that. So, I will miss driving from home to work, but I am looking forward to the trade-off."