*Spoiler* Karrion Kross shines again

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*Spoiler* Karrion Kross shines again

In the last-to-last episode of Monday Night Raw that aired seven days ago, WWE wanted to give fans a lot of surprises, such as Keith Lee's return to the ring after months, with the former NXT Champion returning however in a match that saw him sensationally lose to WWE Champion, Bobby Lashley, but which still left the fans very happy with his return.

Obviously, this was not the only surprise of the event, given that Karrion Kross, the current absolute champion of NXT, also thought about making his debut from the rings of the yellow show on Tuesday night, who went to impact against the legendary Jeff Hardy, who with a heist victory started the NXT champion's score with a sensational defeat on his debut.

This week, theoretically there should have been a rematch between Jeff Hardy and Karrion Kross, but WWE had to cancel it all due to the covid positivity found on Jeff Hardy, communicated only a few hours ago. The WWE thus wanted to re-propose a challenge already seen widely in the yellow show ring, that is Karrion Kross vs Keith Lee, in which Kross had become NXT Champion for the first time in his career.

Karrion Kross shines again

The NXT Champion had the better of this clash of titans in the rings of the red show. Karrion Kross recovered from the defeat that came as a surprise last week, with the WWE having probably already prepared the his success, even if it should have come to Jeff Hardy.

Keith Lee got the worst this time too, who first took a Saito Suplex, then the famous elbow to the neck of the NXT champion and in the end he could not do anything on the Kross Jacket of submission of the champion of the yellow brand, having to give in to the dispute.

For the second week in a row, Keith Lee comes out with broken bones from his fight, with the WWE that could prepare something new soon for his fighter, who has already announced to his fans on his social pages, that between a or two weeks will reveal everything in his words after the long absence that came in January, with many fans of the WWE Universe already expecting something sensational, such as a turn heel or something like that.

Eric Bischoff spoke about Karrion Kross' first RAW appearance on the most recent episode of his 'For The Heat' radio show. The WWE Hall of Famer agreed with co-host Conrad Thompson that fans should wait for the entire storyline to unfold before passing a verdict on Karrion Kross' main roster prospects.

Bischoff speculated that WWE booking Kross to lose could be Vince McMahon's way of testing the 2-time NXT Champion.