WWE legend defends Eddie Guerrero

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WWE legend defends Eddie Guerrero

One of the most beloved faces of the WWE of the last twenty years, especially as regards the fans of the Stamford federation of our country, is undoubtedly the late Eddie Guerrero, an athlete of Mexican origins who died prematurely at the age of 40, due to an illness arrived in his hotel room while on a WWE tour.

After a career full of excesses but also of great sporting moments, which the wrestler had shared with his fans all over the world, the whole discipline found itself in an embrace of condolence, pain and regret, having to say goodbye to one of the best performers of the last twenty years, both in terms of charisma and in terms of the technical side of his repertoire.

Eddie Guerrero's time with WWE has been fondly remembered

Apparently, not all fans of the WWE Universe are of the same opinion, with someone who has gone to whet the patience of the WWE Hall of Famer, as well as legendary hardcore athlete, Mick Foley, who in front of a disrespectful comment from a fan is not saw us more and shot zero on the speech, closing it immediately.

Speaking of Eddie Guerrero's performance and skill, in fact, a fan of the company said: "Eddie Guerrero was a B+ athlete at best and people treat him with so much regard just because he's dead now." At that point, Mick Foley, after reading the message posted by another user, quickly closed the conversation, saying in no uncertain terms: "Eddie Guerrero was an A + athlete.

End of discussion." A very elegant way to completely eliminate the decidedly coarse and irreverent thought and commentary of the fan of the discipline, who apparently, without arguing and without giving examples, has shot to zero on one of the best careers to come from school Mexican, then landed on the American rings of WCW, ECW and WWE, with one of the faces most admired by fans, colleagues and professionals who will remain in everyone's heart forever, only for the light that emanated his character as well as his person.

Eddie Guerrero's career tragically came to an end in 2005 when he lost his life in a hotel room in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He was found unconscious in the bathroom by his nephew Chavo Guerrero and was pronounced dead when the ambulance arrived.

He was inducted into WWE's Hall of Fame a year later. There can be no denying just how special a talent Eddie Guerrero was and fans throughout the world will always remember him and protect his legacy.