*Spoiler* Damian Priest defeated Sheamus

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*Spoiler* Damian Priest defeated Sheamus

DAMIAN PRIEST VS SHEAMUS Sheamus starts well and hits the opponent repeatedly, tries the Damian reaction but The Celtic Warrior blocks him. Priest engages with a series of blows and Sheamus begins to stagger. Upon returning from The Archer of Infamy commercial, he appears in control, but Sheamus takes him and reacts, Priest takes him and ChokeSlam from above, series of shots and Reckoning, Damian Priest wins and thus earns a match for the WWE United States Championship title.

The new WWE RAW Women’s Champion Nikki A.S.H. opened up this week’s show. She addressed her victory over Charlotte Flair last week and said that she was not afraid of failure anymore. Nikki was soon interrupted by Flair who came out and called her a disgrace as champion.

The Queen said she would get her rematch at WWE SummerSlam before Rhea Ripley came out to the middle.

Sheamus surprisingly took on Damian Priest inside the ring

Sheamus and Humberto Carrillo had a good match on WWE RAW last week.

Carrillo was looking for a United States Championship opportunity but failed to defeat The Celtic Warrior on RAW. This week, Sheamus surprisingly took on Damian Priest inside the ring. There wasn’t much backstory to this clash, but the two men definitely tried to make it work in the ring.

Through his Twitter profile, the Reddit user LSines2015 highlighted a curious as well as particular statistic concerning the current US champion. Sheamus has never defended the title as champion, 74 days have passed and this thing is unbelievable.

Just think that the previous US Champion, Matt Riddle, defended the title on two occasions in the 49 days he held the title. Obviously, both in the tweet and in the comments it was specified that The Celtic Warrior did not defend the title due to this serious injury per month that forced him to stay still and away from the WWE ring.

Another particular case concerns that of the current WWE Champion Bobby Lashley who in 2020 was champion holding this title for 175 days, a title held over the course of two reigns and The All Mighty found himself defending his reign on five occasions.

Previously it was Apollo Crews who found himself in the same situation and defended his reign in four matches, thus finding himself in a situation that was always quite atypical compared to the current reign of Sheamus. The match was good and gave Priest something to build upon.

He seems to be next in line for the United States Championship and could get a big match at WWE SummerSlam.