*Spoiler* New twist for Riddle

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*Spoiler* New twist for Riddle

EXTINCTION (MACE & T-BAR) VS MANSOOR and MUSTAFA ALI T-Bar and Mustafa Ali start with the second hammering the opponent on the corner, after a while Ali is sent to the corner and there is the Tag for Mace who hits with a Big Slam Ali, tag for Mansoor who tries immediately a Reverse DDT, he tries the count but T-Bar stops him, Springboard back and Mansoor reverses with a Roll Up that makes him win on Mace.

We see The Miz on the phone backstage when he approaches John Morrison who asks if he is ready. The Miz looks excited and Omos and AJ Styles also arrive suspiciously with AJ saying that he wants to talk to him about the couple titles.

Riddle was in the middle of a tiring match against John Morrison when the RAW Tag Team Champions came out and distracted him. Essentially handing the win to John Morrison. After the match, AJ Styles would step into the ring and beat down Riddle with many fans calling for Randy Orton to save his RKBro teammate.

Meanwhile, Matt Riddle enters JOHN MORRISON VS MATT RIDDLE Riddle starts well immediately but Morrison puts his feet on the ropes and stops him, Sunset Flip and new attack, back Body Drop and count of two, Morrison reacts while The Miz invokes the audience.

A new twist for Riddle

Quite a pleasant match on both sides, while AJ Styles and Omos arrive at ringside. Just these two take Riddle's scooter and destroy it, the distraction is fatal and Morrison hits Riddle with the Starship Pain, 1..2..3!

At the end of the match, AJ Styles repeatedly hits Riddle. SINGLES MATCH FOR THE 24/7 CHAMPIONSHIP: REGINALD VS R-TRUTH R-Truth babbles strange things into the microphone, as usual, he tries to attack the opponent who runs away, R-Truth misses him and Reginald takes the opportunity to pin him and remain champion.

At the end of the match, all the contenders for the 24/7 title chase Reginald manages to escape. Earlier in the night, AJ Styles and Omos had their second title defense against the Viking Raiders. The match itself was a great one to watch, with both teams showing off their chemistry and their skills.

However, the experience of Erik and Ivar was just not enough to topple the Phenomenal One and the giant, Omos, who successfully defended their RAW Tag Team titles. With Bobby Lashley's incredible victory on RAW, one thing is clear - few superstars in WWE can pull off squash matches the way he does.